Dec 20, 2009 chesh reviewed Sunset Tavern.
I've only ever been to this place for Kung Fu Grindhouse, so remember that this review is only applicable for Grindhouse nights.

-Friendly barstaff
-Fun atmosphere
-Good drinks

-Seating is not the most comfortable
-Dirty (in a "this place has been around since the 70s" way, not in a "I don't want to touch stuff" way)

If you want to get a good seat, show up before the first movie, otherwise you'll risk spending the night perched awkwardly perched on a poorly-located barstool and bitching about lower back pain or standing in a random spot and wishing you'd worn running shoes instead of Converse.

Also, there's no food or snacks served here, but last time I went they were nice about letting your bring your own food. Do it - it's a three-movie marathon, so you'll want something to munch on by the time the third one starts.

Despite my bitching, I'm definitely a fan. Great event, good drinks, excellent atmosphere, and did I mention the good/bad movies?
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Dec 20, 2009 chesh reviewed Pies & Pints.
I really love this place, and all the pies I've had have been good-to-great. Friendly service, good food, good beer selection, and a nice atmosphere.

Tips for an optimal pie experience:
-I have a small-to-normal appetite, so a savory pie is pretty much a perfect dinner for me. If you're really hungry or a big eater, get it as a float (with their tasty soup), a la mode (topped with mashed taters) or with sweet potato fries on the side.
-Go earlier in the day, for lunch or dinner. They have more of the pies available, the pies are fresher, and there are fewer drunk people swarming the pool table.

It's pretty much my platonic ideal of a pub during the daylight and early evening hours - great for catching up with friends over a pint or three and enjoying a good dinner.
Weekend nights, though, they start to run out of pies and desserts, and the loud drunks start to converge on the pool table, not to mention the difficulty of getting a table or having a conversation. None of this is really their fault, just a factor of being a good pub that's open late.