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Dec 23, 2015 Brashion commented on Savage Love.
BALLSUP: For supervised use, Fort Troff sells a flexible cage that does what you need without the inflexibility of metal to cut off circulation. You'd have to see if it would work on the other guy's body. And while it is designed for long term use, the sub could remove it---although you might be able to devise a way to detect whether it has been removed.…
Oct 5, 2015 Brashion commented on How To Get a Rightwing Troll to Block You In Three Easy Tweets.
@4 It's a blog, Abigail!
Feb 20, 2015 Brashion commented on The Problem with Diva Worship.
@2 Echt? Someone please arrange this meeting, on the condition that the remarkable Rebecca Brown write a follow-up piece for The Stranger. SBlythe, looking forward to your Baba the Turk on May Day.
Feb 18, 2015 Brashion commented on SL Letter of the Day: Eat and Run.
I'm with @6. The sex can be an eventual draw for the mentor support @1 aims for; they don't have to be separated and, in my gay experience, often go together nicely. And (as if this were happening now) NWATB could try more subtly for a few sessions before issuing Dan's ultimatum. I've had the experience of purely physical interactions with non-out guys that, after a good while, opened into a little more.

Would be nice to know how this played out. I'm a 47-year-old white bear in subway land but, alas, this wasn't me.
Jan 25, 2015 Brashion commented on We Asked 12 People Waiting In Line Outside the Kingfish Cafe: Whatcha Gonna Order?.
I like silver daddy Klaus. "Yes dear" leads easily to "Yes Sir," right?
Jan 7, 2015 Brashion commented on SL Letter of the Day: Basic Bastards.
@24 Great idea; I would fly in from NYC to see that. I miss Greek Active and "Keenan Hollahan."
Oct 26, 2014 Brashion commented on Don Giovanni's Magnificent and Problematic Tale of Troubled Lust.
Dear Stranger, please find the funds to send Rebecca Brown to NYC so that she can review Adam's _The Death of Klinghoffer_ at the Met. We need her reason and insight on this opera whose protests have even brought Guiliani back into the limelight.
Jun 26, 2014 Brashion commented on SL Letter of the Day: Two Simple Answers.
"...everything you've told us" -- is that the royal we?
Jun 4, 2014 Brashion commented on The Woman on the Waterfront.
I've always thought artists would do better to leave every creation untitled. I would also hope that artists can draw inspiration from children without being labeled lecherous. This sculpture was very striking and effective in Madison Square Park, surrounded by a circle of trees and large buildings; it's different to see it more isolated and highlighted there in Seattle. Hopefully it can be a good addition to the sculpture park despite the story of its mythological namesake.
Feb 19, 2014 Brashion commented on Thai Police Try to Clear Protest Camps, Protesters Fire Back.
@3 correction: Panthongtae deposited $300 million