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11:16 AM yesterday sanguisuga commented on Savage Love.
Aaaand there he goes...
May 20 sanguisuga commented on Savage Love.
@121 Are you speaking to someone in particular, dearheart? Because it seems to me that you can't begin to express anything adequately without addressing the individual that you are so sorely disappointed in.
May 20 sanguisuga commented on SL Letter of the Day: You're Dating a Clown. Deal With It..
Yikes. Always lovely when you pay us a visit, DC.
May 15 sanguisuga commented on Mad Max: Fury Road Is the Greatest Film of Its Kind Ever Made.
Apparently, it's also sending the MRAs into a frenzy because Theron's character is a fully developed person, rather than a wilting damsel in distress. I had very little interest in seeing it before they started wailing, now I can't wait.
May 15 sanguisuga commented on SL Letter of the Day: I Like Big Dicks and I Cannot Lie..
I'm sensing a theme here...
May 7 sanguisuga commented on SL Letter of the Day: Destructive Criticism.
Seconding Chase @29...
May 1 sanguisuga commented on Alan Keyes: Legalizing Gay Marriage a "Just Cause for War".
Do these people even listen to themselves?
May 1 sanguisuga commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Great Expectations.
@75 - Oh my god, I totally forgot about all of that. I only went to a couple gatherings, but the whole scene struck me as extremely incestuous. This gal dated this guy and this other girl, but then she broke up with him and he started dating this person, who is seeing X and Y and blah blah blah. As an introvert, I was already reeling just being around so many people, and trying to remember the invisible lines connecting them all just about made me blow my top. It seemed like everybody had either dated or slept with everyone else and I was the newbie, so I got more attention than I was entirely comfortable with.

And yes, the jealousy and possessiveness of some of the individuals was a bit odd. The guy I was seeing, 'B', had a lady friend, 'J'. B had been very interested in J, who was married and had a girlfriend. She rejected him as a possible suitor, but they often all hung out together. Well, then I came around, and all of a sudden, J is confessing feelings for B. It was almost like she liked having him pining for her while keeping him at arm's length, but then someone else shows an interest, and suddenly she got all grabby hands.

Very middle school, just as you described. And yes, I think I might be more down with the idea of being 'monogamish' as opposed to straight-up poly. (Preferably if I found myself a bi partner, so we could have a little MMF fun from time to time.)
Apr 30 sanguisuga commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Great Expectations.
Definitely. That particular behaviour got called out pretty damn quickly. He seemed surprised that I found it disrespectful. If you're with me, then you should be *with* me. Save that crap for when you're at your house, not mine. Short and a bit stormy it might have been, but at least the relationship taught me a bit about myself and what I would and would not tolerate.

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