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Dec 1 sanguisuga commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: We Will Never Get Closure On CLOSURE.
@59 - Who are you to say that "It doesn't feel right" isn't this woman's truth?
Nov 28 sanguisuga commented on I’m Not Giving Jill Stein a Single Dollar.
Why are people calling Dan out on this column? He's not the byline, y'all. Pay attention.
Nov 23 sanguisuga commented on Vandals Smash Sign at Redmond Mosque "In a Clear Act of Hate".
@13 - Stranger hipsters don't cruise the Eastside. And this mosque is kind of tucked away, so I sincerely doubt it was just a wandering pack of teenagers. This was a deliberate act of hate.
Oct 31 sanguisuga commented on Savage Love.
@99 & @100 - I relate slightly to the 'tingling', which sounds a bit like being left unsatisfied. At least, when I was young and unknowledgeable about how to go about taking care of my own pleasure, 'tingling' is very much the sensation I would be left with after my bf at the time was done with his business. Presumably, WOES' wife would know how to take care of herself if she actually wanted to get off at that point, but it would still be rather frustrating to have to deal with it while an insensitive clod snored next to you.
Oct 29 sanguisuga commented on SL Letter of the Day: Let Me Be a Part of Your Pissing Experience!.
Pfft... Okay, so sometimes I go back and read the original column on these re-runs, and I happened to come across this little gem. In the original comment section, EricaP pointed out that another version of this same letter had been posted on an earlier column. (Cuck You, posted 2/19/2014) I'll cp it here...

"Dear Dan Savage,

My boyfriend always closes and locks the door behind him when he pees. It really bothers me and turns me off because it hurts my feelings. If he wasn't so prudish and such a prissy little puss, It would be a simple way of turning me on and arousing me for sex, to be a part of his pissing experience. He claims it's because he is pee shy. So I tested that theory; one day, I broke into my bathroom with a little screwdriver and found him peeing with his dick in his hands, standing there, grinning at me. So if he knows that I like it, and if the issue is about being pee shy, and not about a NO GIRLS ALLOWED MOMENT, then why can't he pee in front of me, especially if we have been lovers for five years now!?????

I would be grateful for your advice on how to get him to relax with his peeing moments a little more because I'm BORED. Thanks!
torturedturnip on February 25, 2014 at 11:35 AM · Report this"

@17, do you still think she just sounds excited? Calling her BF of five years 'prudish' and a 'prissy little puss'? And then breaking into the bathroom? Doesn't sound to me like she gives one good goddamn about her boyfriend's feelings. Yikes. I honestly hope this dude gave her the bum's rush...
Oct 29 sanguisuga commented on SL Letter of the Day: Let Me Be a Part of Your Pissing Experience!.
The thing that turns me off about the LW is the entitled whinging. She sounds way too immature and kinda frantic about it all, and hell's bells... That's probably enough to turn the BF off too. Calm thy tits and explain your kink in a rational manner, and perhaps he'll let you join in on 'the experience' of relieving his damn bladder. Of course, the flip side to behaving like an adult when you use your words and bloody well *ask* for what you want instead of just trying to shove your way into the toilet after him is the ability to respect your partner's "No" with grace. Somehow I don't think this girl is quite capable.
Oct 28 sanguisuga commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Man Parks in Beacon Hill.
That's a lot of words over a comic. I'm impressed that @12 & @13 managed to get through it.
Oct 18 sanguisuga commented on The Strange Phenomenon of Women Who Vote Trump.
Ugh. My head hurts.
Oct 15 sanguisuga commented on Savage Love.
@81 - Um. 'Treatment' is not synonymous with 'prescriptions for every damn thing under the sun'.
Oct 15 sanguisuga commented on Donald Trump Clarifies: He Only Sexually Assaults Hot Women.
@25 - Still not going to read it, though...