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Sep 20, 2012 Barry Michaels commented on Is a Teamsters Spokesperson Distorting Gael Tarleton's Record?.
I'm with the one who said there should be a "No" at the end of the headline given that the only citation of facts in the whole article comes from said Teamster spokesperson. Tarleton is coming off like a tool and would be better advised to heed the lesson of Daniel Patrick Moynihan when he said "You are entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts."

I think the whole premise to this story is lame but I can't blame Eli for being tempted by it after Tarleton baited him there with her statements. So I'll play too: An alternative and more appropriate headline "Is Gael Tarleton using the 'truthiness' defense to distort the facts about her record?"
Mar 24, 2010 Barry Michaels commented on Gael Tarleton Fudges Clean Truck Facts.
Let me get this straight...someone from THIS port is telling fibs? Greenwashing? Shocking! Why, they always appear to operate with such transparency, in the interest of people and good jobs rather than pollution and profit.
(yeah, right -- Keep it up Jake. Don't we pay this woman's salary?)
Feb 27, 2010 Barry Michaels commented on Port Reform Gaining National Attention, Heading to Congress.
It's always a good day when environmentalists and labor are working together. But an even better day to hear from the New York Times that this particular anti-port pollution alliance is "getting under the trucking industry's skin."
Feb 11, 2010 Barry Michaels commented on Some Thoughts on The Port CEO's Recent Thoughts.
Retrofits are such a bad idea it can't even qualify as a policy band-aid. What are they going to do, offer up a little taxpayer $$ to help the dirt poor drivers buy California's leftovers and then tell them they're shit out of luck when those engines are no longer compliant in a couple of years, thus starting the whole cycle all over again? Genius, I tell you. Is there a "how to become an ineffective bureaucrat because I'm utterly incapable of devising a real solution to real problems" school that descended on our Port?
Feb 5, 2010 Barry Michaels commented on Out of Step.
All these out of state industry lobbyists who are commenting on the blog, let me give you a dose of education about Seattle: If you think bashing the Teamsters on this comment board will erase our memories and we'll all suddenly forget about the years of port inaction on GGE and pollution (and their total waste of our money to lure you polluters to do business here) you are about as tone deaf as Martha Coakley.

The Teamsters fought with us in the battle of Seattle at the WTO, and once again they are on the right side of this debate. You sue and fight against every clean air or environmental initiative and Guantanamo bay prisoners get better treatment than your contract drivers.

You can't convince us that you're not complete scum.
Jan 27, 2010 Barry Michaels commented on Port of Seattle CEO Strives to Block Port Reform, Cont'd.
Snakes hiding under green coalition rocks...that sounds hot. Tay Yoshitani, not.
Jan 26, 2010 Barry Michaels joined My Stranger Face
Dec 24, 2009 Barry Michaels commented on The Weakest Link.
Why do trucking companies think they don't need to own trucks, maintain the trucks, or employ truck drivers? What a racket - the port needs to make the industry pay.