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May 1 jeffg166 commented on Coming Soon: Wind the Inheritance.
Work is work. You'd be surprised how many well known actors do religious films. It pays the bills. No one will see them.
Apr 29 jeffg166 commented on Rick Santorum Is Running for President.
The new Harold Stassen.
Apr 17 jeffg166 commented on CNN says: Rapper Severs Penis and Jumps off a Balcony.
On first reading the headline I thought his name was Severs Penis.
Mar 2 jeffg166 commented on Slog Bible Study: Mark 11:20.
Low blood sugar and in a bad mood. We've all been there.
Feb 27 jeffg166 commented on A Baker Refused to Make Your Wedding Cake?.
A sign on the door saying "christian owned and operated" would be enough for people to make a choice whether to support the business or not.
Feb 24 jeffg166 commented on Fifteen Years Left Before Machines Outsmart You.
I hope machines are that smart by then. They can explain themselves to me. Or better yet do whatever it is they'll be doing by themselves.
Jan 23 jeffg166 commented on Meet the New U.S. Olympic Uniform.
More fugly Ralph Lauren stuff.

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