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Dec 27, 2009 cinderkeys joined My Stranger Face
Dec 27, 2009 cinderkeys commented on Fuck You, Santa—I Hate Christmas Music.
It wouldn't be so bad if the onslaught of Christmas music only occurred over two or three days. When grocery stores play all Christmas all the time for a full month, the "Christmas comes but once a year" argument wears a little thin.

Also, religion has very little to do with it. Personally, as a Jewish atheist, I find the traditional carols a lot less annoying than Rudolph and Deck the Halls. Also, I've taken to expressing my sympathy to the people working behind the counters, who have to listen to these songs all day. They tell me the songs drive them crazy. I don't ask them about their beliefs, but it's likely that at least some of them are Christian.