Not enough like Twitter.

Aug 7 jefe commented on City Attorney Hopes People Who Got Pot Tickets "Do Not Pay Them".
I believe that if you do not pay these tickets, they get sent to a collections agency, which hurts your credit history and results in fun phone calls to you and your family. Not sure if I would follow Petey's advice on this one. @10 is right - contest them.
Jul 30 jefe commented on BREAKING: Vast Majority of All Seattle Pot Tickets Written by Same Officer.
@54 nailed it. The "attention petey holmes" written on the vast majority of tickets, as well as things like "allowed to keep his dope per our silly protocols" is the main issue here (questions of disproportionality aside - a problem with most all crimes). Message from the Chief to the rank and file, IMO - be professional or get the fuck out.

It does seem odd that we have a law that only one cop enforces....if that's the case, why even have that law?
Mar 20 jefe commented on Attention-Seeker Calls for Google's Eric Schmidt to Be "CEO of America".
I'm sure the citizens of this great country won't mind paying for free food, massages, and party planners for all of the new "government" workers.
Sep 23, 2013 jefe commented on Regert Nothing.
@4 - Yes, they are certainly not the tightest band around, but sometimes that doesn't matter. It reminds me of what people said about Pavement in the '90's - they were right, but I still loved to listen to them.
Sep 11, 2013 jefe commented on Crime Is Not Actually Spiking Downtown.
Safety among the populace is a matter of perception and should not be confused with crime. Telling someone they should feel safe if they do not is a fools errand.

Jul 31, 2013 jefe commented on Tomorrow People: Subway Station in Beijing.
I lived in China for 2 1/2 years. This is why I choose not to breed.
Jul 24, 2013 jefe commented on The Rise of the Shuttlecock.
@2 - Bullshit comparison. Saying one sport is "harder" than another is a fools errand. The ESPN article ranks hockey (2) higher than cycling (20). Hockey requires a combination of more different skills, but I would say a professional game is not "harder" than cycling a Tour de France stage up a pass in the alps (PEDs or no). Cycling requires outrageously more cardio work than hockey, but little hand-eye coordination, agility, etc. Badminton requires different skills than tennis (more quickness and agility). Elite level athletes are where they are due to natural abilities tailored to the sport they play in combination with shit tons of training - switching a sport is not easy for anyone (see: Jordan, Michael).
Jul 24, 2013 jefe commented on The Rise of the Shuttlecock.
I was recruited by my high school gym teacher to be the token white guy on the new varsity badminton team in Long Beach, CA in the mid-80's. The school district wanted to create varsity sports that would encourage the newly-immigrated Asian students (mostly Cambodian, at the time) to play. Played on and off while living in Asia and while I lived in Boston (there is a significant old-money, WASPy serious badminton presence on the East Coast). I freaking love to play - it can be fast as hell and then slow down to little taps at the net. I think of it as the way you would play tennis in your dreams, since a badminton racket is infinitely more easy to wield due to its size and weight. Looks like I'll have to head on over to a community center and get back into it - when I first moved to Seattle the scene was pretty non-existent.
Oct 11, 2012 jefe commented on Red Red Wiyiyine, Stay Close to Me.....
Tony Tribe version is much better...…
Oct 6, 2011 jefe commented on City Attorney Seeks Obstruction Charges Against Eight Protesters—More Charges Pending (Updated).
@6 Usually it means being a dick to a cop (regardless of said cops behavior).

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