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sb53 is once agin at work, this time MAKING eyeglass frames .
Mar 20 sb53 commented on Savage Love.
Late to the thread this week. I must stop "saving" S.L. for my Friday treat.
Loved Busy Q. and the fact she has some very cool bedroom variety with hubby! I woud love some of that. As Auntie once said:.."Mismatched libidos are such a sad thing".
@hurtme. I have met exactly one genuine cuck in my +60 years. (Even though we were good friends, it was his wife who told me) . In the end he wound up leaving her for someone else. The reason, (according to him): she was non-orgasmic. Didn't understand what all the fuss was about sex!
Mar 6 sb53 commented on Savage Love.
I am laughing as I write this and amazed that Dan's Column is STILL so awesome even after doing this all these years! But anyway "Pussy Parcher?" Hysterical! Thanks Dan!
Jan 23 sb53 commented on Savage Love.

(I am late joining the fray; couple busy days)

I know a man (ahem) who always had the Older woman/younger man thing.

Talking to older women for many years, he did not find any of them who shared the same interest.

Then one day, it happened.

Lasted for almost 3 years until suddenly she ended it. She would not reveal why and so it remains a mystery, but he is still grateful for the experience nonetheless.

As I have thought about it these years since, I developed an answer. I am an agnostic, but perhaps the universe actually responds to our yearnings?
Dec 19, 2014 sb53 commented on Savage Love.
Re Vegetarians

My dear brother lives in his own home with a vegan daughter (age 28) and food-Nazi wife.

His Wife will eat meat on occasion but always presents her home cooking as "my favorite" dish (meatless spinach lasagna, meatless spaghetti, meatless meatloaf) when I eat at their house.

I say nothing, as I am the one who is overweight (but, also employed & happy!) but their daughter wants every meal cooked at home to include an available, delicious meatless option. My brother answers in our dear departed mothers words: "this is not a restaurant!". I do not envy my brother.

Aug 16, 2014 sb53 commented on Savage Love.
Auntie G
I googled the Foghorn episode where he teaches Miss Henrietta's nephew about baseball, and someone has edited his little speech. Do they routinely do this to those old cartoons?
Nice to know you are around even if "just reading"
Aug 16, 2014 sb53 commented on Savage Love.
@lavagirl 109
I once asked my wife about this very scenario. She answered me that she did not need a bordello, and ..."I would never pay for sex." "All you have to do is give a man a tiny bit of flirtation and any man will have sex with a woman".
My daughter attended many college beer parties and always griped about the lack of facilities for women's bathrooms. She liked to say that "for a man the world is his urinal"
Maybe for women "the world is their bordello?"
Jul 3, 2014 sb53 commented on Savage Love.
I am not a sex worker either but have known several in the last 20 years and the really successful ones shared a couple characteristics:
They had a "normal" life alongside their sex work like children, pets, (and either full-time or part-time jobs)
They were usually well-read on a variety of topics and had lived in more than one place.

So far none that I have met has earned a degree (but then neither have I)

They shared a curiosity about life, and explored different points of view.
They seem to not stay in one place for very long. My Midwestern city is usually a temporary stop in their journey. Very interesting women all in all.
Jun 27, 2014 sb53 commented on Savage Love.
@ Everybody esp.Dan and Ms. Price!!
This weeks column must go into the "Savage Hall of Fame"!
Great questions lots of good comments! Love it! So glad I save this treat (reading S.L.) for Friday (the best day of the week).
After letter #1 I must admit I am again (50 years late) lusting after my cousin Cathy. Hee hee.
Jun 18, 2014 sb53 commented on Savage Love.
OOps sorry about the double post.
Jun 18, 2014 sb53 commented on Savage Love.
The following events occurred decades ago, but the experience is very sharp in my memory.
I must say that of the few pussies I have had the pleasure of pleasuring have had the nice warm flavor SIM describes, but there is also a catch.
I noticed that when I opened my dopp kit there wafted out that fragrance which made me almost instantly hard.
I had trouble locating it's source. I recall being quite conflicted.
On one hand I did not want it go away because the sense of smell is so powerful, especially when there is a sexual connection.
It turned out it was my toothbrush! I finally replaced the appliance, my fear was, of course, that the old brush was not really giving my mouth the minty freshness I was seeking every morning.
Sadly, my Dopp kit now has the fragrance of Crest.


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