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sb53 is once agin at work, this time MAKING eyeglass frames .
Jul 20 sb53 commented on Savage Love.
@4 Auntie Happy B-day!
Went back and loved # 143 from last week. Nader-the-corvair-hater did not have a driver's license, and was simply ignorant. These air-cooled beauties are rugged (OK, also a bit primitive) designs that serve the driver well as long as the maintenance is kept up.
The shrouds must be removed once in a while and the head-fins cleaned and also the oil has to be clean. My next 'vair will have a single carb and an intake manifold like your V-dub. (More carbs does not necessarily make for a better -running motor!)
#24 has the correct answer for Helpme.
Jul 19 sb53 commented on Savage Love.
Griz if you have driven it for 40+ years it must be one of the air-cooled ones then. Water-pumpers usually self-destruct by 40 or so. My air-cooled Corvair is going strong at 55+yrs. air cooled forever:... water pumper never!. hee hee
Jul 18 sb53 commented on Savage Love.
@110 Love the "Lioness" Griz! (ROAR indeed!)
I need more info on your VW, (I'm a low-budget-sort-of-car-guy too)

Jun 24 sb53 commented on Savage Love.
RE: Doggone
As I read these posts all I can think of is the SEINFELD episode where George decides that the times has come to grab a cool nickname for himself. He sets up a plan to get the nickname "T-BONE".
Jun 15 sb53 commented on Savage Love.
Her interest reminds me of a kink that an old friend revealed to me once. This was a woman with whom I had a short-term fling decades ago. WE were together at a business function getting caught up on our lives and agreed to meet later that night for a nightcap.
When we met there was a part of me that thought maybe she was going to suggest we start up the affair again. I mentioned that very thing and her response was;.. "No she was happy to have left that in the past." I admit to a little disappointment, but hung in there.
We kept "talking shop"and gossiping about other people we knew in our industry, and then there was a pause.
Suddenly she changed the subject and asked me directly: "You are the only person I can ask this question of. Has anyone ever asked you to masturbate in front of them?"
I was shocked and answered in the negative. I was surprised and embarrassed, and followed up with "Do you know someone who is into that?" She said that yes she knew someone who was into that. I changed the subject and it never came up again.
Now I understand that this is in fact a kink. Now 20 years later, I doubt anyone wants me to do that for them, but the event still sticks out in my memory.
Jun 15 sb53 commented on Savage Love.
Like many men, I enjoy watching people who are enjoying having sex. I would feel like I was intruding on someone's private space, however, if I was doing it live.
Now having said that, my daughter-in-law is very much like PARK. She wants to go to public places and sequester herself in an unobtrusive corner and people-watch. The more people the better and the more diverse crowd the better. She studied psychology in college and part of me feels that maybe she is still "Studying" the human race and vicariously enjoying any drama she finds. For her a sexual situation or even better a police intervention is very exciting. Different strokes etc.
Jun 13 sb53 commented on Savage Love.
@104 Re:weekend
It turned out to a very chaste weekend. Our Miss N. was partying extra-hearty with her gal pals and no time was set aside for any domestic "tender relations" as it were.
As always. though hope doth ever spring eternal, and tonight I have one last swing at some sort of insight into her intentions medium-term in that way. I shall report, thanks for asking!
Jun 13 sb53 commented on Savage Love.
@104 BDF I cannot comment on the sexting-of-penises phenomenon. I must say I don't get it.
(I have, however enjoyed receiving some lovely breast shots of females over the years.) I am resisting getting a cell phone, and unless someone ASKS for a such a photo cannot imagine me sending one. My take on the habit is that we men become so enamored of our "equipment" (thank you Seinfeld's Elaine) that we wish to show it around.
RE ms. Griz.
Thank you for the lovely image of you and your pink bar of Caress in the shower assisting the hygiene of your fellow ladies. I am holding this image in my mind all day!
Jun 10 sb53 commented on Savage Love.
I went from 8 years of Nuns teaching us that it was sinful to even look at one's own body in a bathroom mirror to showering twice a day with 30 guys in a large shower room. Showering after P.E. was required, but only suggested after sports practice. I quickly deduced that it was freeing to drop all that self-consciousness and go with it. The H.S showering undid a lot of guilt-damage done by the nuns.
Jun 8 sb53 commented on Savage Love.
@ Erica and Nocute THANKS . I am optimistic. After all these years I think she understands that I am really trying. The key will be to have a discussion about our needs without placing blame or being judgey. I respect her need to be left alone and she may try to recognize that we have different needs and I can be flexible as to any ideas she has about bridging the gap. More to follow.