Feb 20, 2011 a505999 commented on Who Is Your Favorite Unloved-by-the-Media Seattle Band/Artist?.
Some local rock bands you would be foolish to miss!!

Absolute Monarchs
Curse of the North
He Whose Ox Is Gored
Smooth Sailing
Spittin Cobras
Feb 4, 2011 a505999 commented on A List of Every RKCNDY Show Ever.
12/12/1998 Deftones, Quicksand, Snapcase. $17.50
This was actually at the Moore. Maybe some other listings are wrong too?
Nov 7, 2010 a505999 reviewed El Corazón.
Been here dozens of times as El Corazon and its always been a good time. The place is dark and dank but that is just the rock appeal. Bought the $150 VIP this year and they have always gone the extra mile. Bartender Matt is the best!
Aug 24, 2010 a505999 commented on Calling It Now: This Will Be One of the Best Shows of 2010.
it conflicts with always sunny season 5 premiere, gahh
Mar 23, 2010 a505999 commented on Here Come the Korn Requests.
Jan 2, 2010 a505999 commented on The Best Live Shows I Saw in 2009.
Combichrist @ El Corazon
Sunny Day Real Estate @ Paramount Theater
Schoolyard Heroes @ El Corazon
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