12:17 PM yesterday Roma commented on Fatalities In The War On Cars Are Never In Cars.
Toronto police couldn't prove Taylor was using her cellphone while she was driving...

But she probably was.

Many people are utterly transfixed by their cellphones. Staring at the countless fascinating things on their screen is far more important than mundane matters like looking where they're going while driving.
Nov 22 Roma commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Dear Old—Really Old—Mom and Dad.
Xian-Qi: I'm willing to understand that some guy in the rust belt who lost a $50,000-a-year working class job and is now working two part-time jobs at half the wage doesn't want a tenured college professor telling him "check your privilege."

Wasn't it Bill Clinton, or his campaign, that had the saying "It's the economy, stupid."? I think Trump's supporters in the non-Rust Belt part of the country were in two basic camps: they had this fervent belief that Trump was going to somehow, "smash the system!!" or "drain the swamp!!", or they loathed Hillary and Trump was the necessary alternative. But for folks in the crucial-electoral-votes Rust Belt, I think "it was the economy, stupid." Of course, whether or not their economic lives ever improve in Trump's economy is anyone's guess. Personally, I don't think they will.

Nov 22 Roma commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Dear Old—Really Old—Mom and Dad.
Both my parents are welcoming my friends and know better than to bring up politics over dinner, but I'm not sure if my friends know that my parents voted for Trump. Should I warn them?

You won't need to warn them. Your friends will figure it out when they see both of your parents in orange hair and narrow black mustaches and your mom serves brats, kraut and beer for Thanksgiving dinner.
Nov 17 Roma commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Boyfriend on the Menu.
For readers who aren't familiar with vore, the thread that links its different genres is that the person is turned on by the thought of being eaten alive...

On a hike near Mt. Shuksan . . .

Shelby: "Fuck! Fuck!!!! I fucking hate these mosquitos. Even with the spray, I'm being eaten alive? How come you're smiling???!!"

Justin: "Omigod...Omigod...Oh...Oh...Oh...Ohgod..Ohgod...Ohhhhh...."

Nov 12 Roma commented on Savage Love Letters of the Day: What's In a Name?.
I'm tempted to ask what your other "wicked cool, manly names" were for your son.

I'm sure one of them was Reince.
Nov 11 Roma commented on No, I Will Not Give Trump a Chance.
In The Guardian...

Robert Reich: Democrats once represented the working c…

Thomas Frank: Donald Trump is moving to the White Hous…

Frank: She was the Democratic candidate because it was her turn and because a Clinton victory would have moved every Democrat in Washington up a notch. Whether or not she would win was always a secondary matter, something that was taken for granted. Had winning been the party’s number one concern, several more suitable candidates were ready to go. There was Joe Biden, with his powerful plainspoken style, and there was Bernie Sanders, an inspiring and largely scandal-free figure. Each of them would probably have beaten Trump, but neither of them would really have served the interests of the party insiders.

And so Democratic leaders made Hillary their candidate even though they knew about her closeness to the banks, her fondness for war, and her unique vulnerability on the trade issue – each of which Trump exploited to the fullest. They chose Hillary even though they knew about her private email server. They chose her even though some of those who studied the Clinton Foundation suspected it was a sketchy proposition.

To try to put over such a nominee while screaming that the Republican is a rightwing monster is to court disbelief. If Trump is a fascist, as liberals often said, Democrats should have put in their strongest player to stop him, not a party hack they’d chosen because it was her turn. Choosing her indicated either that Democrats didn’t mean what they said about Trump’s riskiness, that their opportunism took precedence over the country’s well-being, or maybe both.
Nov 3 Roma commented on Savage Love.
26/gueralinda: Said as a garden variety cis-het-female.

I would have liked hearing how you said it as a hot-and-steamy-jungle-full-of-wild-and-exotic-creatures variety cis-het-female.
Oct 30 Roma commented on Seahawks Lose to New Orleans Saints, But Hate The Game, Not The Players.
Rock beats Scissors
Scissors beats Paper
Paper beats Rock
Trading Jimmy Away beats Trading Max Away

Sep 17 Roma commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: He Wears Short Shorts.
Seeing an attractive woman in sexy sandals gives me sandalwood.
Sep 5 Roma commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Bi & Bi.
27/BiDanFan, thanks for the comment. Seems like a plausible explanation.

LW: Our sex life is great and I love her more than words can express.

More than words? I feel a song coming on....