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Aug 17 Maverick Biceps commented on The American Marksman's Northwest Regional Championships Was Boring.
Christ....amazing that people in Puyallup viewed guns as a tool even when confronted by a city dweller wielding the latest Statistics. I wouldn't be surprised if these bumpkins refused to go to work on a nice bike even knowing the latest Facts and Statistics about cars killing 32k Americans a year...
Jun 29 Maverick Biceps commented on No, Saudi Arabia Isn't Paying Hillary Clinton To Kill Gays.
Nobody said Saudi Arabia is paying Clinton to kill gays. It is objectively true that Saudi Arabia has given millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation (and had billions of dollars worth of arms sales approved by her State Department). It is also objectively true that Saudi Arabia executes gays. It's really sad to see the logical back flips you have to do to pretend Hillary cares about gays when it isn't politically expedient.
Jun 11 Maverick Biceps commented on Oh Good, Someone's Making a Hamilton Porn Parody Called Hamiltoe.
What has to be wrong with someone for them to enjoy Hamilton, The Hip Hop Musical, in the first place, and write about it incessantly
May 3 Maverick Biceps commented on Appetite for Destruction.
Confusingly, anarchists seemed totally unable to articulate who they wanted their new master to be. Several of them wouldn't even sit on their ass and scold activists while writing reviews of Hamilton, the Rap Musical
Mar 31 Maverick Biceps commented on Bernie or Hillary or Both.
Liberals not voting for Gore led to Bush and the Iraq War. Therefore, you should vote for Hillary, who just voted for the Iraq War anyway. Not sure how people are missing Dan Savage's good logic here
Mar 9 Maverick Biceps commented on It Looks Like It's Going to Be Clinton Versus Trump.
I never wanted to be one of those people who constantly complain about one Stranger writer in particular, like the people who hate Mudede, but Matt Baume is honestly a really obnoxious Hillary shill who's getting paid to be wrong about everything
Mar 8 Maverick Biceps commented on UPDATING: Pooper Tuesday Results!.
Bernie has been ahead by tens of thousands of votes for hours, massively over projections--no more Matt covering the election please
Mar 6 Maverick Biceps commented on Liveslogging What Will Probably Not be a Debate About Hillary and Bernie's Genitals.
Hey Matt: what Bernie was probably actually wishing he'd mentioned about education policy was Clinton supporting No Child Left Behind and school privatization while he didn't.
Mar 6 Maverick Biceps commented on Liveslogging What Will Probably Not be a Debate About Hillary and Bernie's Genitals.
"Excuse me, I'm talking"--wow, totally inappropriate. Essentially illegal harassment