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Aug 4 gregok commented on SL Letter of the Day: This Cheater Will Never Stop Cheating.
12 years of that shit ....... god how exhausting
Mar 7 gregok commented on In Case Y'all Perhaps Wondered Where Pharrell Sourced "Happy".
Bullshit. Hipsterwanker
Nov 7, 2013 gregok commented on Are You Not Having Unprotected Sex Right Now?.
yes that's how we do humour in Australia
Oct 31, 2013 gregok commented on Who Is the Scariest of Them All?.
The Wicked Witch of the West.
Sep 5, 2013 gregok commented on Australia's Prime Minister Spanks Bigot Pastor.
the big story afterwards here in Oz is that the pastors poor feelings were hurt. You see the PM was rude to him and embarrassed him on TV. Thankyou Murdoch newspapers.
Jun 19, 2013 gregok commented on The War This Time.
Ouch. Anger channelled with pinpoint accuracy.
Jun 9, 2013 gregok commented on Iain Banks.
@8 yes indeed, thanks

Crow Road was my first Banks read and it hooked me. I was blown away by the casual way he could describe geological timeframe and the sensitive play on conflict over religion, generations and class within a family.
When I was told he wrote Sci Fi too i thought it would be worth a look - he managed to make me a Sci Fi reader. I first read Excession and I think there would be very few better in the genre. I was astounded at his ease in switching from deep philosophy, to wargames schlock to politics to well grounded SCI-fi (as opposed to science-y fantasy).
He will be missed.
Feb 4, 2013 gregok commented on DOJ and Several States Expected to File Civil Charges Against Standard and Poor's.
I believe the groundwork for this case was achieved by an Australian lawyer on behalf of several local government and public authorities who were taken for the same ride. Below is a link to an excellent story about how it was done. http://www.theglobalmail.org/feature/the…
Jan 30, 2013 gregok commented on The Problem with Polynormativity.
meanwhile mainstream british televison has a show about Thai 'Ladyboys' including full and frank discussion about sexual identity of the girls and their parners, sex acts, genital and hormonal treatments, and the inherent power imbalance between european tourists and thai hookers. US television is timid and bland by comparison.
Glad I live in Australia where we receive so much british content.
Dec 15, 2012 gregok commented on I Am Adam Lanza's Mother.
wow - the most important and relevant piece I have read on this issue. Courageous woman needs a big platform to speak from.

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