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Jun 12, 2013 OuterCow commented on When Do We Launch Our War on Toddlers?.
@24 This just in, guns can cross state lines rather easily.
Jun 8, 2013 OuterCow commented on The Saturday Morning News.
@2 Christ, you're a moron.
Apr 11, 2013 OuterCow commented on The Myth of the "Surgical" Drone Strike.
@3 Doing nothing, if it resulted in less blowback, which seems ridiculously likely, would be the better option.
Apr 10, 2013 OuterCow commented on Bedbug Kryptonite.
Agreed. And why take aspirin "pills" when we could just eat shaved willow tree bark?
Feb 5, 2013 OuterCow commented on DOJ and Several States Expected to File Civil Charges Against Standard and Poor's.
@7 "let's look forward, not backward" Obama? C'mon, Sarah: http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/…
Jan 31, 2013 OuterCow commented on Obama Does a Stalin on Reagan's Childhood Home.
C'mon, Matt, Stalin was well known for demolishing his enemies homes' and building libraries on the rubble.
Jan 7, 2013 OuterCow commented on NHL Hockey Will Start on January 19th.
Someone's named after a Star Wars character's leg? That's dedication.
Jan 3, 2013 OuterCow commented on Gerard Depardieu Wants to Leave France Because of Taxes.
It's not the guillotine so they should consider themselves lucky.
Oct 21, 2012 OuterCow commented on George McGovern, R.I.P..
Well said, Goldy.