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Mar 21, 2013 grumpypants commented on Should Seattle Mandate That Construction Companies Hire Locally?.
I am working on the design of project in Wyoming with this kind of requirement and I can tell you that it is ineffective and misguided. This is a bad idea and unnecessary. I understand where Wyoming is coming from; many of their construction projects bring workers from out of state (because local skilled labor is not available). The law doesn't work though, because the skills are still not available locally. And in Seattle we're not talking about workers from Idaho or Oregon, we're talking about people from Fife and Snohomish. That's not local enough? Gimme a break.
Jan 19, 2011 grumpypants commented on Avatar on the Moon.
Aliens of the Deep was a complete bust, though. It was about how their equipment had problems and they didn't actually see anything.
Nov 23, 2010 grumpypants commented on Former High-Ranking Catholic Theologian: Church Overrun With Homosexual Homophobes.
@6 It's called The Name of the Rose.
Nov 17, 2010 grumpypants commented on PETA To Vegans: Fuck Meat Eaters.
@125 others have covered this on this thread already, but I'll restate it again- I don't get all huffy because you or my wife chooses to not eat meat- you eat what you want. It's when someone tries to argue there is a superior philosophical reason for being vegan, like that jackass philosophy prof in the NYT recently, that I get all worked up. It's bogus. Like when someone tries to argue FOR banning same sex marriage. That just pisses me off. Eat all the seitan you want, I'll have some with you. Just don't claim there is a moral/ethical high ground for vegans.
Nov 17, 2010 grumpypants commented on PETA To Vegans: Fuck Meat Eaters.
@121 your chart is missing my other favorite- WHY DO SO MANY VEGANS HAVE PET DOGS?!?
Nov 17, 2010 grumpypants commented on PETA To Vegans: Fuck Meat Eaters.
@121 LOL I do wonder about the cows. Would we shoot them all? (if we did, then why eat them? Shame to let them all rot...) Or who would pay to feed them all until they died, if they had no value as food? They aren't wild, so there's no native habitat we could release them into. They would go extinct. WHY DO YOU HATE THE COWS SO MUCH?
Nov 17, 2010 grumpypants commented on PETA To Vegans: Fuck Meat Eaters.
I can't get any vegans to answer me this question. Commercial produce- including nuts, tree fruits, berries, grains, you name it- is pollinated by CAPTIVE BEES. So if you refuse to eat honey, how can you eat ANYTHING? If you plant your own vegetables, you are still exploiting the labor of local bees (who may or may not be wild- how do you KNOW) by relying on them to pollinate your food. So how can you be truly vegan? It's a total crock.
Nov 10, 2010 grumpypants commented on No Style Seattle.
As a Texas transplant, I have to agree with the criticism that it's harder to make friends in the Northwest. People are very polite but aloof, until you get to know them. It's like the entire region is full of introverts, vs the South which is full of extroverts. That works for me, because I am also introverted, so I love it here. But, I do miss friends dropping by my house unannounced to hang out on the lawn and drink beer.
I miss instantly being friends with my friends' friends.
I miss people coming over for dinner or a party when I invite them.
In Texas, if I said to someone, "Hey, we should get together sometime," I would get the response, "Sure! How about tomorrow?" whereas here I get, "Yeah, we should! I'll call you.....". I miss that about Texans.
In Texas, if I met someone heavily involved in an activity like, say, sailing, and I said, "I'd like to try sailing," they would say, "Why don't you come out on the boat this weekend?". Instead, in Seattle, if I said to a kayaker, "I'd like to try kayaking," they would say, "I think REI has classes...". I miss that about Texans.
But despite all that, the Northwest is 14 times as awesome as Texas is.

Oct 1, 2010 grumpypants reviewed Cheeky Cafe.
Ate here for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed it. The food was well-prepared and delicious, but not attempting to be gourmet or upscale, just an eclectic selection of solid comfort food. Reminds me of Cafe Stellina at its best. We'll be going back repeatedly.
Sep 17, 2010 grumpypants commented on Best Buy CEO Says iPad Sales Have Cut Laptop Sales by Half.
@8 Oh God. Here we go.