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Aug 18 5th Columnist commented on The Morning News: Racist Skinhead Talks About Trump After Stabbing Attack, Kelso Police Kill 27-Year-Old African-American.
True skins would label that Klanazi a "bonehead": please don't call him a skinhead; learn the true history of Skinheads . -- http://www.antifa.net & https://antiracistaction.org & https://www.facebook.com/SHARPCREW/
Aug 18 5th Columnist commented on Seattle's Neighborhood Councils Are Exclusionary, Self-Interested "Cartels," and the City Wants to Cut Ties with Them.
I bet most of those councils' members are crypt- Nazis . . . .
Aug 18 5th Columnist commented on A City of Empty Towers.
mistral should be shot in Public; Our World never needs such scum.
Aug 18 5th Columnist commented on A City of Empty Towers.
I'm guessing Charles already knows these facts: MOST tax-haven money ( which is basically stolen money) is actually off-shored to Global-North nations. Much of THAT dough is used to purchase real estate. China's Upper Class is actively engaged in such treasonous shenanigans. -- https://www.washingtonpost..com/news/won…
Aug 18 5th Columnist commented on Secure Scheduling Is Seattle's Next Big Labor Fight.
Good for them: Does anybody pay YOU to commute or be on call? Pah! --- http://crimethinc.com & http://www.whywork.org & http://www.ic.org .
Aug 18 5th Columnist commented on Disaster vs. Optimism: Bill Bryant and Jay Inslee Face Off in First Debate.
Too bad I never received my ballot to vote for Mary Martin of the Socialist Workers' Party: Inslee is a dick ( anti-ganja, no work on a progressive system of taxation for our state, very little work on a livable wage and a state-based universal-healthcare system or single-payer ( unlike Colorado this year . -- http://www.coloradocare.org & http://www.taxsanity.org )
Aug 16 5th Columnist commented on Federal Judge Threatens to Steamroll Over Seattle Police Union If It Blocks Reforms, Because "Black Lives Matter".
20% of the populace? Hardly! ( and I can't help but notice that the vast majority of killer pigs are White guys who did not grow up in diverse communities--this ties in with the purging of Reds and "Nigger lovers" in unions during the Second Red Scare: make unions anti-Prog again like the "good old days" . . . .
Jun 6 5th Columnist commented on Hillary Clinton Has Already Won the Democratic Nomination.
@45: NO way are the tens of MILLIONS of Sandernistas going to vote for a Klandidate who would be too right-wing to be the REPUBLICAN nominee three decades ago!!! Shillary has more in common with Trump and the other Goppers who want/ed to be prez than with Bernie. Pah!!! --- http://www.huffingtonpost.com & http://www.alternet.org & http://littlesis.org .
Jun 6 5th Columnist commented on Hillary Clinton Has Already Won the Democratic Nomination.
Hey Bernie Supporters! CALL U.S. Senatresses Cantwell and Murray, and whoever is "your" CONgressional rep in OUR State: Tell them you will not vote for them as they pledged to support Hitlary even though The Peoples' Senator won every county in the Evergreen State!!! Pffft!!! --- https://berniesanders.com & http://www.counterpunch.org & http://www.blackagendareport.com .