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Nov 6 5th Columnist commented on West Seattle, Southeast Seattle City Council Races Get Even Closer with Latest Ballot Drop.
Triple the number of municipal districts ( to match the rise of the populace since 1915) and you'll see a more accurate representation of the residents. -- http://www.proportional-representation.o… .
Nov 6 5th Columnist commented on Blabbermouth: Our Week-in-Review Podcast Talks Election Results With Kshama Sawant and Three Political Consultants.
The U.K.'s Guardian daily - a large paper - stated Kshama credited Bernie Sanders with helping her get re-elected ( and in the comments section of that story, the first post requested all Sanderites to demand their respective state's secretary of state keep an eye on the superdelegate and electorate process: seesm Hillary the Bilderberger already has five-HUNDRED Superdelegates: is that Constitutional? The commenter also asked Berners to call their state's Democratic-Party HQ and ask them to give Bernie would-be voters a say in the upcoming caucuses and primaries: I personally ask you to contact the Democratic National Committee to do the same for next year's convention, but beware: Debbie Wasserman-Schultz it the chairperson of said committee, and she was the directricks of Hillary's campain seven years ago . . . . --- http://theyrule.net & http://www.jimmarrs.com ).o.O .
Nov 6 5th Columnist commented on Eastern Washington Jurors See Through the Federal Government's Anti-Pot Hysteria.
Words you should know: " jury nullification"; " citizen's arrest"; " adverse possession".
Nov 6 5th Columnist commented on What Does the Kettle Falls Five Verdict Mean for Pot Prosecutions in Washington?.
If all the holders of state-wide appointed and elected offices did their jobs to the fullest extent of the state's constitution, then they'd arrest any federale who dared to usurp Washington law. Pfft!!! --- http://www.constitution.org EVER HEARD OF THE TENTH AMENDMENT? ONLY STATES MAY SCHEDULE SUBSTANCES!!! Pah!!! --- http://www.erowid.org & http://www.hemp.com .
Nov 6 5th Columnist commented on Four Medical Marijuana Patients in Eastern Washington Are Headed to Prison.
Hillary is not mainstream: she is a member of the Bilderbergers and the Council on Foreign Relations . . . AND she is a multimillionaire/member of the Point Zero Zero One Percent . . .PLUS she campaigned for Barry Goldwater, lawyered for Monsanto & was a board member of Wal-Mart: NOTHING "mainstream"/Middle-Class about THOSE !!! Pfft!!! --- http://www.politicalcompass.org/test & http://www.broadleft.org/us.htm & https://berniesanders.com .
Nov 6 5th Columnist commented on Pushed by Anti-Prison Activists, City Council Considers Spending $600,000 on Alternatives to Youth Detention.
Reminds me of what Mudede typed a while back: the suburbs were created by underfunding or defunding communities disproportionally of Color, well , it is all part of the Racist Plan that includes spending more money on jails and prisons for children of Color than on schools . . . .--- http://www.splcenter.org & http://www.inequality.org & http://www.nbufront.org .
Nov 6 5th Columnist commented on The Problem with "Forecasting" Crime.
You should have put the word "Crime" in parentheses: NEVER let bigots define ANY word, phrase, nor clause: they are haters of Truth!!!
Nov 4 5th Columnist commented on What Do Last Night's Election Results Mean for the Future of Seattle?.
Are the districts in compliance with the Bill of Rights and the Voting Rights Act of 1965? ( what about adding more districts to further represent the true degree of demographic diversity of the city? --- http://www.census.gov & http://www.winwinnetwork.org & http://www.constitution.org ).
Nov 4 5th Columnist commented on What Do Last Night's Election Results Mean for the Future of Seattle?.
You REALLY want some more change? Then create a ballot measure mandating all qualified residents to vote: that will force the Ignorant Majority to bone up on political philosophy AND political science.
Nov 3 5th Columnist commented on Hey, Seattle Politicians, Get to Work!.
Dare somebody to try to implement universal healthcare on a municipal level, then ignore the demons of Olympia if they attempt to cockblock it! ( and while your dreaming up new Morally progressive ballot measures, why not write one that would increase the number of council districts to thrice what it currently is: a city with 600K residents in Europe would have far more seats . . . .