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Mar 27 5th Columnist commented on Kshama Sawant and Other Jill Stein Supporters Must Know That Trumpcare's Demise Is Not a Real Victory.
Is Mr. Mudede really a "Marxist"? WTF does that mean anyways? The Hillbots' obsession with the Political "Left" is astounding: The Dems have been popular fronting against the former, by allying with the G.O.P., at as early as second Nixon badministration . . . . --- http://www.broadleft.org/us.htm
Mar 27 5th Columnist commented on Fact Check: Congressman Dave Reichert’s Misleading Statements About the Threats Posed by His Constituents.
REICHfart would probably not even be in federal office if the Constitution were followed verbatim ( what with the Voting Rights Act and all . . . . -- http://www.constitution.org & http://www.fairvote.org & http://www.thirty-thousand.org & https://movetoamend.org ).
Mar 27 5th Columnist commented on Where Trumpcare Will Hurt Most in Washington State.
I'm willing to bet most of Those Who Would Get Hurt don't give a damn if Us Persons of Color are hurting right the fuck now . . . . -- https://www.blackagendareport.com & http://www.maldef.org & http://www.splcenter.org
Mar 27 5th Columnist commented on Is Anyone Going to Save the Endangered Killer Whales in Puget Sound Before It's Too Late?.
You'd have to replace what most persons in what is called " The First World" do on a day-to-day basis if you TRULY want to maintain what Biodiversity - including genic diversity - exists. -- https://www.science.com & http://www.earthfirst.org & http://flag.blackened.net [ (A) ].
Mar 10 5th Columnist commented on Dan Savage Went To Austria to Escape the U.S., But It Was Still Trump Time, All the Time.
Will somebody ask Dan if he thinks Hillary would have a chance to win the prime ministership in Austria? ( if she were a citizen. -- https://www.politicalcompass.org/test ).
Mar 10 5th Columnist commented on Are Those New Surcharges on Your Receipts Politically Motivated?.
EVERYTHING is politically motivated ( for all actions of Humanity are political).
Mar 10 5th Columnist commented on Trump Signals That He Wants to Restart the War on Drugs.
The Dems hate Darkies also: it isn't like tRump called Lower-Class Black youth "superpredators" ( or pushed for tougher sentencing for victimless crimes . . . . That happened on the Watch of the Wife of Dan Savage's Object of Worship . . . .)
Mar 10 5th Columnist commented on Adventures in Microdosing.
Is that another substance only White folks get to used sans coppiggie haraSSment? -- http://www.copblock.org & http://www.copwatch.com & https://www.blacklivesmatter.com