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Nov 21 5th Columnist commented on Hillary Clinton Is Everything We Have Been Taught Women Should Not Be.
What about Racist, avaricious, and power-hungry? ( and prone to fibbery? --- https://www.facebook.com/NeverHillary . TRAVELGATE? HONDURAS? " Can't we just drone-strike him? ( Assange) . . .--- https://www.wikileaks.org & http://www.jill2016.org ). I BLAME YOU HELLARY VOTERRS, AND TRUMP VOTERRS, FOR JILL STEIN'S DEFEAT!!! Pah!!! ( See: WE can play that game also!!! )
Nov 14 5th Columnist commented on Hundreds Rally at Seattle City Hall Against Election "Shitshow," Trump.
Where were they when Debbie wASSerman- Schultz , the Ass Media, and the D.N.C. colluded to keep MILLIONS of eligible and TAXPAYING citizens from voting in "closed"-primary states despite helping to PAY for those PUBLIC elections? Huh? Pfft!!! Hypocrisy Alert!!! --- http://www.fairvote.org & http://www.ballotpedia.org & http://ballot-access.org
Nov 14 5th Columnist commented on Hundreds Rally at Seattle City Hall Against Election "Shitshow," Trump.
The Stranger sure has given Hellary a Free Moral Pass these past months: WikIleaks' Julian Assange has been shown by the U.N. to basically a de facto prisoner of the Octopus/Deep State of "Western" Imperialism - of which the Clinton Crime Family is a prominent component of - despite NO convictions ( are you aware that Killary - the Butcheress of Honduras - wants to drone strike him?). Then there's her former employment with one of the most-despised companies on Our Earth: Monsanto; Hellary's membership in the Council on Foreign Relations, and her presence at the shadowy Bilderberger meeting . . . . --- http://www.counterpunch.org & http://www.projectcensored.org & https://www.truthdig.com .
Nov 14 5th Columnist commented on Seattle Students Walk Out of Classrooms in Protest of Trump.
Hey! Sean Nelson of 'The Stranger'! Bernie WOULD'VE won !!! ( and in fact he DID win the DemocraptricKKK Primary: But those provisional ballots in California and other empirically sound evidence of Hillbot-borne electoral shenanigans in TWELVE other states such as exit-poll discrepancies and Ass Media collusion . . .. need some proof? Go to a real journalist's site such as Greg Palast, and ask Bev Harris and the good folks at WikiLeaks and JAMPAC!!! Pah!!! -- https://berniesanders.com & http://jampac.us/dnclawsuit & https://www.wikileaks.org & https://www.blackboxvoting.org & http://www.gregpalast.com & https://www.facebook.com/DNCfraudlawsuit & http://trustvote.org & http://www.verifiedvoting.org )
Nov 12 5th Columnist commented on President Pence Is Happening.
I voted for a woman AGAIN: But, those women are named Gloria La Riva & Jill Stein!!! EAT CROW AND STOP BEING A HYPOCRITE, YOU HELLARY-LOVING FAUX-PROG NEO-LIBERALS/FEUDALISTIC PIECES OF MORAL SHIT!!! --- http://www.broadleft.org & http://www.ballot-access.org & http://www.fair.org .
Nov 12 5th Columnist commented on Channel Your Trump Despair into Helping People Whose Access to Abortion Is About to Get a Lot Worse.
Ms. Groover: Bernie DID win . ( Now, I dare you to report on the ongoing lawsuits against the Hellbitch/D.N.C. campaign in various states claiming electoral fraud . --- http://www.verifiedvoting.org & https;//www.blackboxvoting.org & http://www.fairvote.org ).
Nov 12 5th Columnist commented on We're Fucked.
Fucked? Tell that to everybody who voted - or WANTED to vote for - Bernie Sanders ( who DID win: ask Greg Palast & Bev Harris . . . or the good folk at JAMPAC and the professors at Stanford . . . . https://www.startpage.com & https://www.blackboxvoting.org & http://www.gregpalast.com ). WHERE WERE THE PROTESTS AGAINST THE HELLARY/D.N.C. KABAL OF ANTI-SOCIALISM DURING THE SUMMER???
Nov 12 5th Columnist commented on Channel Your Trump Despair into Helping People Who Face Hate Crimes and Possible Deportation.
Hate crimes? Deporations? Where were you when Hellary was NOT allowing refugees from the civil-war she gave thumbs up to ( against a democratically-elected government in Honduras) while she was "Our" Secret-ary of Snake? Libya? Couldn't but help notice the Kliton Krime Family likes to only hang out in SECRET with their fellow Upper-Class Whites . . . . ( hint: CFR, Bilderberger, Wall Street, et al. --- http://theyrule.net ). EAT CROW, YOU FUCKING HYPOCRITICAL CLINTONBOTS!!! --- https://www.wikileaks.org & https://berniesanders.com & http://www.jill2016.org ;D .
Nov 12 5th Columnist commented on No, I Will Not Give Trump a Chance.
Did you give Bernie Sanders - who actually won the Demoncrap primaries ( despite the BlaKKKout from the Hellary's Fartners in Krime at the Ass Media) - a fucking chance? How about Jill Stein? She was on enough state ballots to theoretically win over four-HUNDRED Electoral-College votes. --- http://www.gp.org & https://www.politicalcompass.org/test & http://jampac.us/dnclawsuit & https://www.wikileaks.org
Nov 2 5th Columnist commented on The Stranger's Endorsements for the November 2016 General Election.
@44: You sound like one of those one-votes-for-vaginas Hillbots/Man haters . You DO know the Ass Media is run by the same bassturds who fund BOTH the Republicans and Blue-Dog "Dems" like Hitlary, don't you? --- http://littlesis.org & http://theyrule.net . . . . And have you been keeping tabs on all the electoral-fraud lawsuits against the DNC? They will NOT go away on November Ninth . . . . --- http://jampac.us/dnclawsuit & https://www.blackboxvoting.org & http://www.verifiedvoting.org . Pfft!!!