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Jan 5, 2012 jstoner commented on Savage Love.
Here's a potentially useful meme: terms of fidelity. Dan isn't talking about a free-for-all with no rules. He's saying, as a couple (or whatever), you are free to define your own rules together, to negotiate the terms of your own fidelity.

And I suspect the idea that doesn't just apply to poly people. Even the most vanilla, suburban, missionary-position God fearing hetero couple arrives with different attitudes, backgrounds and proclivities.

That negotiation might look like 'You never go to strip bars, do you dear?' 'Of course not, dear.' It might not be visible to anyone else, or even both parties. But it always happens.
Jan 6, 2010 jstoner joined My Stranger Face
Jan 6, 2010 jstoner commented on Ann Coulter Is Perplexed.
Ann is with the Yes Men. Really.

Every time she opens her mouth she discredits everything she (pretends to) stand for. Right? She can't be for real.

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