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Nov 9 TobyinFremont commented on Books That Will Help You Make Sense of Seattle's Housing Crisis.
You frame the anti-NIMBY argument: "these type of homeowners want to protect the value of their home." More accurate is that they most want to protect the place value of their home (and neighborhood). Capital cares not a whit about the place value of real property, only the exchange value.

Thanks for a good summary and list of references.
Aug 31 TobyinFremont commented on The Stranger Is Rescinding Its Endorsement of Erin Jones and Will Back Chris Reykdal in the General Election.
I hope more people will learn from this experience to view Stranger endorsements with less credulity. I mostly agree with the SECB's recommendations, but about a quarter of the time they are based on irrelevant and idiotic criteria. Please do your own research, read endorsements by many entities (including the Times!) and don't take the SECB's cheat sheet as politically correct holy writ. It is not.
Aug 11 TobyinFremont commented on Solutions to Seattleā€™s Growing Housing Crisis: Part Four.
Good finish to the series by listing needed actions. @4's comments are a good addition. Your 3rd point (American hatred for the inherent radicalism of cities) is especially important and relates to a number of other key points, like the regressive tax structure imposed by the state legislature. This state's (and others') dysfunctional governance is not a simple D:R dynamic, being much more urban:suburban:rural.

Regarding Piketty, see this critique showing that even he has bought into the neoliberal presumption that growth must continue without end.

@8, we have to figure out how to have low-carbon lifestyles without requiring everyone to live in the dense urban centers. Every city on the planet has sprawl and moreover is intimately connected to and reliant on a vast area for ecosystem ser…, related stocks of material (metals, wood), and subject to the same risk of economic downturn due to a debt ridden casino political-economy wit….
Aug 5 TobyinFremont commented on Seattle's Neighborhood Councils Are Exclusionary, Self-Interested "Cartels," and the City Wants to Cut Ties with Them.
Ansel, your (and other urbanists') understanding of the political economy in Seattle and how it drives the current housing and related inequity problems would be much more accurate if you would read Charles Mudede's article in the same issue. He even cites a book that explains the operating neoliberal dynamic in detail. Even if you don't agree with its thesis (or the earlier work it is grounded on) it will help you write op-eds (that's what your piece is) that are much more convincing.

And please stop using the "Seattle is 65% SF" canard. This "fact" has been debunked repeatedly (e.g.). Using it just makes you look like you don't care if your facts are accurate or not.
Aug 1 TobyinFremont commented on Guest Editorial: Density Done Right by Confronting Displacement.
kingfisher, are you volunteering to be our dictator? Your language resonates with every fascist demagogue, right through to Trump.
Aug 1 TobyinFremont commented on Guest Editorial: Density Done Right by Confronting Displacement.
I don't understand how the City Council can move forward to adopt MHA-R when the City (OPCD) last Thursday (July 28) issued a SEPA Declaration of Significance for that very action.
May 31 TobyinFremont commented on Wallingford Community Council Accused of "Prejudice Toward Renters".
Speaking as a next door neighbor to Wallingford (see my name); it is an ongoing struggle to get renters more involved in neighborhood councils. In fact, we have trouble getting anyone to get and stay involved, but renters are more difficult than owners because they do tend to move more frequently. In Fremont, we have not had contested elections for years; if you show up consistently, you're in (up to allowed 15 members on board).

Also, dealing with high stakes land use issues like HALA and the comp plan update is a small part of what we do. We also deal with review and input of specific projects, bar problems (noise, drunken peeing in yards), Aurora problems (it took FNC and Fremont Aurora Wallingford Neighbors years to deal with crime focused on a couple motels), getting art around the neighborhood, getting membership up, review of traffic and parking function and proposing/working on solutions with the City and groups like Greenways, helping with MLK Day and other community events, hearing what the zoo is up to and giving input, etc. It's endless and for many it's picayune stuff. For many, this stuff is boring. It's meetings month after month.
May 8 TobyinFremont commented on Why Cliff Mass Is a Very Dangerous Weatherperson.
Cliff Mass has his head handed to him on a platter when he tried to challenge real climatologists:…

Mass says AGW is real but his repeated claims that particular events such as the Alberta fire have no relationship to it evidence a huge ignorance of the science. He needs to stick to weather.
Mar 23 TobyinFremont commented on Seattle's Revolution.
"Washington State has been pushing the leftist agenda more than any other state right now." Not really; the "leftist agenda" is emanating from Seattle, not the state. Furthermore, the most "leftist" agenda items are coming from the grassroots, not "Seattle": $15 Now and Honest Elections Seattle would never have been made law without much bottom up activism.

Seattle is governed primarily by a neo-liberal establishment; our "leftism" is primarily anti-establishment just like it is almost everywhere else in America. Urbanism and growth mania might be "progressive" but it is not "leftist."
Jan 24 TobyinFremont commented on Seattle Police Create New Director of Transparency and Privacy Position.
@7 Time for another Charter Amendment in 2017?