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Jan 8, 2010 bobbylongshot commented on The Offender.
not4sexoffenders: Your response is typical, "Thank god for sex offender registration. Im sure some people get the short end of the stick but I'd rather take the risk and know who's out there."
So, you acknowledge that the system is unfair because you "want to know who's out there"? Why? It won't make any difference (studies show) and you minimize the negative effects on real people that result from these efforts to stigmatize them. I hope you get falsely accused by an angry woman (common) of some bs and have to register as an offender for life. See how it feels, jerk.
Jan 8, 2010 bobbylongshot joined My Stranger Face
Jan 8, 2010 bobbylongshot commented on Federal Court Tosses Out State's Felon Voting Ban.
A lot can be said about a society by looking at how that society treats it's least successful citizens. Twenty years of getting tough on crime has cost a lot of money, created a police-state feel to our correctional system (which isn't working by anyone's measure) and hammered a lot of lives, needlessly. I think people who advocate for harsher punishments are personally insecure.