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Dec 16, 2012 Crazychavo commented on I Am Adam Lanza's Mother.
We should be talking about a society that is ill rather than trying to pinpoint the problem on some subset of the species of inhuman little monsters who are just born “mentally ill” and their poor parents who are stuck through them through some random fluke, some mistake on the part of genetics or God. First of all what do we even mean by mental illness. Some people are born with what is called Developmental Disabilities/Disorders. I prefer the word condition but disability/disorder is fine here, seeings as how far people like myself will have to climb back in the public consciousness being called a “retard” would be a step forward over mass murderer. Then there are personality disorders and mental emotional problems we develop along the road of life as we face problems and heartbreaks and don’t always process them in a healthy way. People with a condition like Autism or Aspergers or ADD or Schizophrenia may or may not have these kinds of emotional problems, like anyone else. They may or may not be very selfish or coldhearted, it’s not really a hallmark of their condtion. Despite the fact a few quack authors may say so. The parent of this child was a gun fanatic who didn’t seem to notice something was wrong with her son at all, and took no precautions to make sure the gun didn’t fall into his hands. Rather she filled him with an uncritical love of guns and gave him access to a high powered rifle. In a way her attitude and her actions is like in miniature whats wrong with America on this gun and violence problem. She just loves loves gun so much( guns can be fascinating exciting even artistic target shooting can be fun, and hunting isn’t personally my thing but I see no problem with it, that said they are lethal killing machines.) that to take safety precautions or to worry about what impact all these guns around might have on her son were anathema to her. Guns are good, to even say be careful about your son and guns would be to imply guns are somehow bad and that would be sacrilege. America needs to talk about these guns and reconcile the two sides of this we like gun rights but not mass murders that simply aren’t happening in other countries near as much as they do here where the gun laws are so loose. Just like this woman needed to come to grips with having a hobby that happens to involve deadly weapons and being a parent. The thing about a gun that makes it different than a sword or knife or your fists is how easy and detached it is to kill with one, just squeeze the trigger. Don’t we all get mad enough sometimes? I don’t think I have it in me to smite a few skulls with a medieval battleaxe, too gruesome but squeeze a trigger, I could do that. What all these perpetrators have in common is young and immature and let’s face it male, full of adolescent mood swings and unchanneled energy and aggression, and for whatever reason most we’re shy without many friends or girlfriends, and probably some anger in the world about that. Oh and guns lying around, pretty much always gotten from a parent or other adult, not acquired on their own. I don’t think any of them would have killed 28 children with a sword, but a semiauto or automatic weapon with a huge clip lying around their parent’s house where it is venerated as a wondrous object provided a way to do such a horrendous act that was a little bit detached and frighteningly quick. If this gun didn’t have that kind of a clip we could be looking at three to four people dead, still tragic but not 27. OP you are not Adam Lanzas mom, its sounds like you are paying attention to your child and his struggles, not letting your child play with assault rifles. Lets please not have a witch hunt and mass incarceration of mostly peaceful nonviolent people with developmental disorders. We don't deserve to be feared, we don't want to be pitied, we don't want to be scapegoated. Let us not stigmatize every quiet young man who seems like a loner as the next shooter, in 99.999 percent of cases its not true and even if it was that wouldn't be helping any. Theres a tiny chance in hell congress will act on the gun problem. Theres none they will have answers or take any action on mental illness, they don't have any "answers" on mental illness, are you kidding, unless they start breaking out mirrors and getting introspective. Lol you see what I did there?
Oct 25, 2012 Crazychavo commented on Guerrrilla Army.
I'm not gonna say I am opposed to political graffiti or scandalized they broke the law, because I'm not. I happen to think their message is as someone called it sophmoric and their "art" an eyesore. These are mostly upper class white early 20s women who have never experienced real adversity in life. So they embrace a ridiculous ideology they learned in college which says theres a rapist after them around every corner and all men are somehow guilty for it. If they dealt with real adversity and discrimination in their lives they would see how silly it all is, but they don't. If you read what "feminists" have to say these days rape is the one and only problem in the world. That ironically lets men who are still sexist but don't go around raping off the hook. Despite their much vaunted radicalness saying all we care about is no more rape is actually surprisingly moderate. I went to college, 90 percent of what we learn in college is total crap.
Oct 23, 2012 Crazychavo commented on You Don't Own Me.
I vote Democrat, because I'm not insane, don't get me wrong. I however find it rather condescending that both parties are turning these reproductive issues into a huge battleground. Its as if women were only a vagina/uterus. As if women didn't care about anything else. Women are also tax payers workers, soldiers and citizens concerned about all the issues that matter. Many of which will never even be discussed in this election. My views very pro contraception, not as pro abortion, though I don't believe it should be banned. I can't cheerlead for it though, it is a rather grim thing. A lot of the early leaders of Womens Rights movements were opposed to abortion, they saw it as a way for men who get women pregnant as well as government/business to abrogate their responsibilities to mothers and children. My view on Women's Rights, its a much bigger cause than this two party system and shallow emotionally manipulative political debate.
Oct 11, 2012 Crazychavo commented on How Much of Their Advertisers' Money Is Poster Giant Going to Spend?.
People use the word culture a lot without really knowing or caring what it means, I'm rather skeptical of the word and concept rape culture. Also the Fuck Rape and just angry scribbling, well its ugly. Thats not a political statement, I'm not pro rape, I just think that shit is ugly. In general I think modern Feminism has been dominated by ultras who are so radical they're not. There out there trying to convince people rape is bad(everyone agrees with you), while women still get paid less than men and deal with a lot of big social economic inequities. It tends to individualize the hell out of everything and it does sometimes come across as anti male. I get the feeling neither side has a real legit claim to the right to plaster our faces with their content, but I wouldn't expect anything less than an outright jungle of posters on Capitol Hill.
Aug 9, 2012 Crazychavo commented on Rod Blagojevich Was Even Dumber Than We Thought.
If thats true and I have serious, serious doubts. It was a joke. Are politicians aloud to tell jokes when they are you know having private conversations?
Aug 4, 2012 Crazychavo commented on Re: Vote for a New Juvenile Justice Center, Vote Yes on King County Prop. 1.
Right back at you "Fairness Doctrine" you feel ok about locking up kids as long as its a cushy lockup. The euphemisms our Democratic Party establishment was laying down about this new "Justice Center" make it sound so good kids will be breaking the law just to get in. The fact of the matter is however shiny the building may be It's a meat grinder where peoples lives are destroyed forever. All the statistics say youth locked up there will be back and then they will be in prison, and they will never be able to get a job and wind up back in prison. You wanna get real, the thing might as well come with gas chambers. The racial statistics show African Americans and Latinos in Juvie at hugely disproportionate rates. You either believe some races are inherently inferior or you believe that our "justice" system is injust. There are only two options. The building might as well suck, sorta like the scared straight program, you don't wanna come back here kids. Can we not come up with something better to do with say half that money, just $100mil spent on youth could do a lot. No I am not saying open the doors of all the prisons right now but we already have more than any other nation on Earth, so give little old me a say on whether we get a new prison or not, I am going to vote for not. We build them and we fill them. Are we as Americans inherently criminal or do other nations just build less prisons?
Aug 4, 2012 Crazychavo commented on Why Vote No on the Kiddie-Condo-Juvie.
If being against building more prisons for children(predominantly poor, African American, Latino, teenage girls forced into prostitution etc) makes me prejudiced than I don't want to be "liberal" and "enlightened". Yes I vote Democrat and oppose Tea Party grumps who refuse to pay a few cents more in property taxes to spend on our kids, but building them more prisons not what I had in mind. It seems to me liberals want to build shiny prisons so they don't have to feel bad about the fate these kids are being subjected too, statistically speaking return trips to Juvie and then a trip to the big house few people come back from. Juvies are meat grinders, there like pounds people send stray dogs and cats too to be taken care of when you know what awaits them is a cyanide pill and the barbecue. A whole heck of a lot of psychologists and experts get some pretty good salaries to "help' them and a bunch of prison guards get a decent working class wage to keep them shut up. Each kid in Juvie pulls down about 150k in tax payer money a year to pay all these well meaning adults and all the construction companies that build our prisons. It brings to mind these endless wars, wars both political parties adamently support. I've noticed wars started by Democratic presidents have "humanitarian" aims, ie the bombing of Yugoslavia and Libya. The Republicans tell us we are fighting wars to protect ourselves, which is a lie too but one that quite frankly is less disturbing to me. Its more disturbing to me to bomb people in the name of helping them than it is to bomb them in the name of defending ourselves
Aug 4, 2012 Crazychavo commented on Vote for a New Juvenile Justice Center, Vote Yes on King County Prop. 1.
Whats extremist is the number of prisons in this country. More than China with more than five times as many people as us, more than any country in the world. This is the sign of a sick society with sick priorities. It does not take an extremist to vote against a prison for children. There is no political left in this country at all any more, and to be just the kind of moderate lefty who opposes more prison construction appears to be akin to being a Communist back in the fifties. I will not vote for this thing today tomorrow or ever. Juvie is a meat grinder that destroys young peoples lives. Its where we punish fifteen year old girls forced into prostitution, its where we train black and brown youth for prison. These are statistically true not the ravings of an extremist. Our society is extemely sick and the Democrats have taken an extreme turn to the right. These "programs" and parasitic bureaucracy hanging over incarcerated kids are extremely wasteful. Its sort of the little brother of our endless foreign wars, a great way to siphon off masive amounts public money to profiteers and torture people at the same time. This is money being spent for community downlift, when we so badly need uplift. It breaks my heart.
Aug 4, 2012 Crazychavo commented on Endorsements for the August 7 Primary Election (PLUS CHEAT SHEET!).
No on Prop 1 dammnit! This motherfucker... is in fact a motherfucker. One does not have to say abolish all prisons to be opposed to building more of the things when given a chance to have a say. This motherfucker is expensive at 210mil. Thats a lot of money to spend on ruining childrens live. To think of what we could do with just half that money. Id rather have a Basketball stadium than this, how come not even a tiny bit of the great and deserved skeptism about the stadium has been concentrated on this new kiddie prison. Which an article in the Stranger pointed out involves another condo deal. Its a nationwide system that works great if our goal is to have more and more prisoners. We already have far more than any other nation on Earth. land of the free, really? They have programs there, so its cool. Really flipping great I am sure very effective at paying an army of parasites with fat degrees and fat paychecks dependent on full beds.
Nov 3, 2011 Crazychavo commented on Eating Pussy Harder than Sucking Cock.
I'm straight but If I had to guess eating out is more technically tricky and complex can take a long time and can definitely be physically uncomfortable at times(definitely worth it though) Sucking dick looks like it would be much more physically uncomfortable and tiring much quicker having your mouth filled up by something, I imagine it can also be intimidating in a way that eating pussy is not, she can't exactly choke you on it lol. I have heard from ladies that it makes their jaw tired, eating out just makes my tongue tired.