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Mar 16, 2010 Under The Radar commented on Up In The Air.
There's a big difference between "sneezy" and DEATH, douchetards. I have a friend that WILL go into anaphylactic shock if she goes into a room where a cat had been a WEEK previously. I'm not joking. So no, putting your precious Mr. Stinkypants a few rows away is not going to save her life; nor is it safe for her to fly on a plane that had a cat in it a week ago. I'm a huge cat lover, myself; but why is it so critical that your pet be allowed to go everywhere you go and put other humans at risk? And for those who want stats, how many people have to die up in the air where they can't get emergency medical treatment before you'll change your mind?
Mar 16, 2010 Under The Radar commented on They Don't Mention If They Took Her Kid From Her....
Well, whether or not you feel society has a right to take her children away, I have every right to think she's a fucking nutbag.
Mar 16, 2010 Under The Radar commented on SL Letter of the Day: Surprise Party Parting.
I totally agree @53; and with those who say this guy is looking for validation- I mean, really, you're writing an advice column for what nasty things can I call my ex-wife when I speak to her?? Sounds like this doucheteroid has more issues than Newsweek. It was ONE NIGHT that happened a YEAR ago!! Get over yourself, for fuckssake!
Mar 14, 2010 Under The Radar commented on Too Early?.
#13 epic win FTW!

...and Venomlash, that is my ABSOLUTE FAY-VO-RITE series of books EVAR!!! I was thinking of his half-horses before I even got to your post! You win five internets.
Mar 11, 2010 Under The Radar commented on Mission Accomplished: Lesbian Student Blamed, Ostracized By Other Students for School Board's Decision to Cancel Prom.
I just sent her a facebook message telling her she's a bad, bad person with evil in her heart. It made my day. >:)
Mar 11, 2010 Under The Radar commented on The Only Exercise I Got....
I agree, but on the flipside my boy was a VERY active baby and quickly got cranky in a bjorn when he got past the tiny infant stage...

I was really lucky, though, because I had a handmedown stroller that you could not only change the side the handle was on (child facing out or child facing you) but also the seat layed down completely flat- so it was like a little rolling baby play pen/crib! He could lie down and stretch out for a nap, or sit up and move around a bit and play. He loved it. I've never seen another one that could do all that.
Mar 11, 2010 Under The Radar commented on High School In Mississippi Cancels Prom to Prevent Lesbian Student From Bringing Female Date—And Potentially Incites Violence Against Lesbian Student.
I'm a broke-ass single mom college student, but I am ready with my checkbook to donate $200 cash money to a private prom right now. Just set it up, Dan, and you've got my money. (Paypal maybe?)

Mmoffatt was right- they are punishing this girl by staking her out and releasing the lions; let's give all those other students the best prom ever, so then they will grow up thinking "Wow! Gays are awesome- we had the most kickass time thanks to that lesbian in high school!"
Mar 11, 2010 Under The Radar commented on But Won't It Confuse The Children?.
I had a strict religious upbringing and attended a private religious school, and yet I was never taught that homosexuality was wrong, or evil, or a sin. Where the hell are these nutwads picking this stuff up?!?
Mar 11, 2010 Under The Radar commented on SL Letter of the Day: Feet, Ears, Gasmasks....
By the end of 118's comment, I was humming The Battle Hymn of the Republic. God bless you, man.