Jun 18, 2013 anyes commented on The Daily Show on Poor, Bullied Christians.
No, people. You've totally forgotten. Jon Stewart took The Daily Show from lame-ass Craig Kilbourne and transformed it. It was never more obvious that Stewart is the genius behind the show than during the writers strike. He took over completely then, calling it "A Daily Show" for the duration. Never doubt it. Sure the writers are fantastic, but they're all plagiarists of his style. He invented it. Plus, they haven't done a great job of adapting the jokes for John Oliver. I count it a strike against them, not a plus, that Oliver's bit started out sounding exactly like Stewart's. Stop mimicking Salon, that article wasn't that insightful.
Dec 13, 2011 anyes commented on Not Just Our First Mormon President.
@12, what exactly is the difference in meaning between those to phrases? I fail to see much of a difference. How exactly would you literally fail to keep America America, in the absence of an imperial threat? It's a definition of identity. And the implication is that Mitt's definition of America is what he wants to keep, which is exactly the same as saying Mitt's definition of American is what he wants to keep. The problem is the same: a chauvinistic definition of "American" meaning "People with whom Mitt Romney identifies", which is not a far departure from "People with whom the KKK identifies".
Oct 10, 2011 anyes commented on Victoria Liss VS. the Receipt Creep: Capitol Hill Debacle.
@30, it read to me like he was presented with a bill, which read $28.98. He crosses it out and writes $26.98 over it, leaves his card, and waits. He gets presented with the credit card slip where he must sign and leave a tip, where he writes $28.98, scribbles an insult, and dives into the tip jar to make up the difference. That's just how it sounded to me, though. I wasn't there.
Oct 7, 2011 anyes commented on The Primaries Are a Long Way Off.
Cracker is pretty mild as a pejorative, @2. I am not in the least bit offended at being called a cracker, or honky, and I can't think of a pejorative term for caucasian person that would offend me. The truth is that those terms don't usually succeed at dehumanizing or repressing their targets the way other words for other races have been used. Now, you call me a bitch, or a ditz, or some other pejorative term to describe females, and I will be offended, because those words have real power.
Oct 7, 2011 anyes commented on Jesus Ween.
It's got to be a fake. Check the facebook page: All the comments are from people making fun of the group. There's no offended, self-righteous, fire-and-brimstone troll fighting back against all the mocking. If it were a real thing, someone out there would believe in it enough to fight back, or to delete any "offensive" comments.
Oct 4, 2011 anyes commented on Christie Isn't Running.
@1 ftw
Sep 27, 2011 anyes commented on SL Letter of the Day: Over and Out.
Am I the only one who gets the feeling this dude needs the "you're young, you need to eat a lot more pussy before you make any decisions" pep talk? Dude was with the girl for seven years! And she just finished grad school, which puts her at maybe 26-30 depending on her field, and assuming she went straight into it from college. He's also calling other men she's interested in "boys"! I stopped dating "boys" and went to dating men when I was around 21! I'm putting him at about 25 or so, and he's been with this chick since he was 18-20. I'm betting neither of them ever dated adults, or dated as adults, and just stuck with their 19-year sweetheart because they didn't have the gonads to explore what they wanted. He probably believed he would marry her from the first three months of dating. At 19. I think this dude needs a shellacking in other "girls" spit, and let's hope he actually dates some "women" in the mix and learns a little bit about love and adult relationships.
Sep 22, 2011 anyes commented on Starbucks Selling Santorum T-Shirts.
I'd love to see that t-shirt autographed by Santorum. Dan, would you pay $85 for it then?
Sep 16, 2011 anyes commented on They Are Visible.
@9, I hate (most commercial) straight porn. There's too much focus on male pleasure, usually to the point that what the girls are doing looks uncomfortable or unstimulating to me, and their expressions of pleasure usually sound fake. Total turn-off. I may be bi, but I'm still a woman. I go for homemade stuff on youporn that's authentic girl on girl (not staged looking), or, more rarely, the straight porn where the guy is actually invested in the pleasure of his partner.
Sep 16, 2011 anyes commented on They Are Visible.
As a bisexual woman, I have encountered the attitude from almost all of the men I've dated (starting back in high school) that I couldn't really be bi, and it was just in my head and I'd come around. I can't explain to you how frustrating that is. There's this general assumption that if a girl says she's bi, she's just "experimenting". I have gotten a similar attitude from women occasionally (that I can't really be bi, I must be lesbian, and I just haven't grown up enough to accept that). So yeah, biphobia and bi-erasure are real.

By the way, I married a man who accepts that I'm bi, and has no problem with me occasionally being with women. Not that it's easy to find those women... but I haven't married and "disappeared".