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Jan 11, 2010 Scruffy Scirocco commented on How Many Times Do They Have to Say It Before The Media Recognizes That It's a Coordinated Effort??.
Where were you in Oct, 2000? I was watching my portfolio plummet. Clinton's economic chickens had come home to roost, and the market took a plunge - a full month before the election and four months before Bush took office. It was clinton's recession, and Bush made it short and sweet by cutting taxes, which increased government revenue, proving once again that we're on the high side of the optimum tax rate (as similar cuts by Reagan, Kennedy and Truman proved).

The balanced budgets during the Clinton administration were shoved down Clinton's unwilling throat by the 1994 Congress.

Say what you want, after 9/11, the Bush presidency took terrorism seriously. Obama doesn't, you're not even allowed to use the word.

Clue up. Your spin is just as abhorrent as the right wing's.