Nov 21, 2012 roche commented on KING 5 Cancels Up Front.
You know what King5 is without Up Front? Fucking KOMO.
Feb 20, 2012 roche commented on George Clinton Needs Your Help And Face It, You Probably Owe Him One.
Attention all fakers. Sly Stone lives in a van. George Clinton needs help, sure, but the "save old soul musicians" boat left the dock a while ago.
Nov 17, 2010 roche commented on Danzig? Really?.
J. Burns is right. Danzig is a decent singer and is a legend of horror music and everything, but that first solo record of his is a treat because of the guitar and drums. Very tight, well produced, rock solid. If the drumming on that tape was at all entry-level, there would be a lot fewer drummers out there.
Jul 26, 2010 roche commented on Fifty Bucks in Little Saigon.
If this article is an eye opener to you, you've been wasting a lot of money on groceries. As a vegetarian, I can't vouch for meat/fish, but the veggies and tofu at small markets always beats PCC & Whole Foods on either price or quality, and they destroy them on tofu.

Hit up MacPherson's on Beacon Hill for all your veggies, got to any Asian store for tofu and sauces, and buy your American food at Safeway. Boutique grocery stores are nice if you're easily pleased, but the smaller shops do much more to push the hippie/foodie agenda at half the cost.

One more thing... Big grocery stores all follow the same formula. The "outsides" of grocery stores, namely their bakery, deli, produce, and pharmacy, generate almost all the profit. The next time you go to QFC, look at green onions. They cost $20 for a case of 80 units, but the stores charge $1.19 for a bunch (1000+% markup). Meanwhile, the inner aisles either break even, or are effectively rented to beverage and anak food companies (which is why the Pepsi driver stocks the shelves). This "outside" gouging doesn't happen at stores who don't invest a lot on the traditional "inside" selection.
Jan 13, 2010 roche commented on Baguette Box.
This place has taken a significant turn for the worse. I used to frequent the Fremont location where a "budget constraint" had me eating in the work cafeteria for a time. I went back today, and it was pitiful in the true sense of that word.

I won't be back. In the same fable where you don't trust restaurants with messy bathrooms, this place seems to have the same aesthetic sensibilities of a rich 23-year-old. They moved in to a place with nice furniture and shiny fixtures, but, after a couple years, it's all dingy and gross. The staff is repulsively unfriendly and the prices have just been raised for at least the third time (each time, $1 across the board) in the two years it's been open.

Eff this place. I'd rather eat at PCC.
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