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Apr 20, 2015 unclep commented on Yes, You Should Vote for Hillary "Just" Because She’s a Woman.
BI Islander has it right ! Hillary should not and will not ever see the light of day in the oval office as President !! America's voters made a big mistake in giving Obama a second term - and this clone would be just a continuation of the destruction of our county's integrity and leadership in the world !!
Apr 19, 2015 unclep commented on Yes, You Should Vote for Hillary "Just" Because She’s a Woman.
Totally dumb article about this Obama clone -no way will this typical, well worn politician be in the White House ! Will never happen - surprised she can walk upright with all that baggage hanging on her ! A complete waste of time !!
Mar 20, 2015 unclep commented on Governor Jay Inslee: "I Have Huge Concerns About Drilling in the Arctic".
This man's eventual record will show him as a one term Governor !!
Mar 16, 2015 unclep commented on Disneyland Found My $4.99 Earrings Threatening, but They Let Unvaccinated Children Run Wild.
I'm on your side but you are way too wordy - unnecessary to go through your whole history to make a point...regardless of where these "security" people may be, they are ALL enamored with far more authority than they really have - which was proven here !!
Aug 15, 2014 unclep commented on Why the Mars Hill Faithful Have Started to Question Mark.
Mark Driscoll, if left to his own directions will lead Mars Hill in the same direction as that organization in Burien twenty some years ago - supposedly a church, bible school, etc - that started out much as Mars Hill did - this man is dangerous, some of these 'pastors' turn into little 'Hitlers' and become gods unto themselves - which is happening in this case - Seattle and the people who want to serve Christ are much better off without him !!
Aug 8, 2014 unclep commented on When It Comes to Skate Parks, Seattle Has No Idea What It's Doing.
If you want to see a well designed skatepark - look at the one in Port Orchard ! The opponents of this park just had fits over the planning - this park is one of the few wonders of design & 'enjoyability' in this town ! Seattle hasn't a clue - period ! Very popular facility !! Get on the ferry and come over and take a look, you so-called planners !
Aug 8, 2014 unclep commented on Network of Evangelical Churches Remove Mark Driscoll from Membership, Call for Him to Step Down as Mars Hill Pastor and "Seek Help".
Couldn't happen to a greater dictatorial minister that has convinced himself that he is a God unto himself - This is similar to the church in Burien of not so long ago - these people get their minds all twisted around misinterpreted scripture and this is where it ends up - hope he is gone....but knowing his past actions he'll do his best to stick around and cloud matters up even worse ! At least we know now there were already massive attempts to deal with him.......
Jan 15, 2014 unclep commented on Drunk of the Week.
Oh Gee Gosh...gloryholes in a gay bar - what a unique idea !
Apr 6, 2013 unclep commented on I, Anonymous.
No one is really stupid but every person is truly ignorant....!!
Mar 30, 2013 unclep commented on Wedding Crasher.
That's not the head I want to see bobbling on a wedding cake...!