Jun 15, 2015 ace9415 commented on A Friendly Reminder That Dogs Are Not People and Bringing Them to the Grocery Store Is Disgusting and Repulsive.
As usual the comment section is by in large a reminder that the majority of humanity online are assholes. Except #19. I want more people like that. "Justice is swift, quiet and efficient." Gorgeous.
Jun 30, 2014 ace9415 commented on All Aboard for Class War!.
I'm with the other commenters. This movie was ok, at best, and I subscribe wholeheartedly to damning by faint praise. The message is heavy handed, and often silly (while not intending to be silly, which is the worst kind of silly). The "won't anyone think of the children??" moments are just too much. The shooting the bullets through windows at opposite train cars around a corner was just plain stupid. Unrefined, unbalanced, anime-esk weirdness, masquerading as refinement, social commentary, and modern film making. Rent this movie, or better yet stream it online, and get stoned before you watch it.
Jun 4, 2014 ace9415 commented on The Woman on the Waterfront.
More boring "art" that only becomes in any way interesting when someone applies a healthy dose of narrative on top of it all. It's a big boring head that is just a copy of some girls head. But bigger. Stupidly big. But even the bigness isn't all that interesting, so there has to be as many stories attached to it as possible. We should just start posting stories on walls and in sculpture gardens and stop bothering with the "art". No one gives a shit about the art and what it has to say (because so few are interested in what the art has to say, and the art usually has nothing to say for itself anyway), we're just waiting to hear about how the artists mother died of cancer while knitting that last hat used in the sculpture, and how the girl head model was raped. Maybe. Well. No one can be sure. But certainly there was exploitation of some sort! Man, art is so moving.....
Apr 8, 2014 ace9415 commented on Seattle Art Museum’s First Ai Weiwei Piece Is Baubles.
There's so little art in Ai Weiwe and way too much narrative, though that describes the "art" world in general at this point. He should write a book, and protest, and talk, but being known as an "artist" is ridiculous. He's a story, not an artist, and while there is overlap between the two, the distinction shouldn't be lost.
Feb 18, 2014 ace9415 commented on A Florida Artist Charged for Deliberately Dropping a Vase Made by the Chinese Artist Ai Weiwei.
I love this more than I have words for. Artists the world over should be going into modern art galleries and smashing until there's nothing but rubble. The "art" world of multi million dollar "con"ceptual art works is rotten, time to throw it out. There are artists doing work of actual quality (and yes, art does have an objective component that allows for "quality" to be talked about, despite what the terminally insecure out there might tell you) that deserve a chance. Art is for everyone, not only the ├╝ber rich, and art is not shit-in-a-box. These paint dipped vases are shit-in-a-box. Smash them all.
May 8, 2013 ace9415 commented on Air Force Advises Female Recruits to "Submit" to Being Raped.
Wait, isn't this a brochure specifically geared toward what women can do to reduce their risk of being attacked, and isn't that a good thing? Should they have to even think about that? Certainly not, but they do, just like as a gay man I have to be thinking about what's going to happen if I walk down the street holding my boyfriend's hand. I'm not sure what the fuss is about.

Now if this is the ONLY thing the Air Force does in regard to sexual assault, and there is nothing ever mentioned to male officers along the lines of "Don't rape people. Really. Don't do it." then I'd have to agree that they're putting this all on women, as though this is solely their responsibility to watch out for themselves as there's just no stopping men from raping. But I don't find that that's the case from the information I can find online and I would find it hard to believe that they never direct any education toward men.

Are they doing a good job in dealing with sexual assault? No, the number of incidences is way too high. But it seems disingenuous and specious to characterize the message of this pamphlet as "(rape is) a woman's issue, one as natural and inevitable as your monthly menses, one women should just accept..."
May 3, 2013 ace9415 commented on Back in the Game.
Just saw this movie, at the request of friends. One of the worst movies I have ever had the misfortune to pay too much to see. As a species it is clear we are not long for this world.
Feb 27, 2013 ace9415 commented on The Future of Gun Control.
"Nothing in any gun control law can do anything about that."

Not true at all. If it were actually in some way taboo to own a gun, or to print a gun from a 3D printer, that taboo would do much to suppress gun manufacturing. That taboo can and should start with laws. If there are people who then want to print illegal guns with 3D printers they're going to have a much harder time doing it when the vast majority of people who could find out about it would then turn them in.

Laws help define and set social norms, and society itself then plays a huge role in curtailing illegal behavior. Doing nothing because of the feeling that it "won't do any good" is the only thing that doesn't do any good.
Feb 2, 2013 ace9415 commented on White House Caves on Birth Control Coverage.
It seems that people are really desperate to ignore the realities of the situation here, mainly that you've got religious groups siting their 1st amendement rights and that if this were all to go to trial the would almost certainly win, unless we're going to amend the Constitution to exclude birth control from religious issues. After such a court case we would have to come up with some sort of solution JUST LIKE THIS. While perhaps that court case would be a good stump for pointing out religious bigotry, do you think that's going to change anything about their bigotry? And is making a statement in court worth the trouble here?

It seems like everyone is suddenly shocked that in fact religious groups do discriminate in all aspects of their businesses, yes including discrimination against us homos (who they just won't hire at all if they are against them), and as long as that discrimination has something to do with their direct religious beliefs then they are protected by the 1st Amendment in doing so. I get the outrage, but the President is not the one who deserves it here. This was prudent and intelligent, everything the religious nut bags are not.
Feb 2, 2013 ace9415 commented on Goldy: I Know You're a Man and Therefore Always Entitled to Be Right But on the Issue of Birth Control, You Are Wrong.
Yeah, this whole argument seem to be missing a very relevant point: there ARE religious groups making this into a shit storm, and they DO have the legal system (that whole 1st amendment thing) to some degree on their side, and they REALLY COULD cause this entire thing to go up in flames. It seems that the author is advocating a big "fuck you, you guys are assholes!" type response to the religious idiots who are causing the problems. Thankfully the President is a bit more intelligent and prudent than that and has gotten you exactly what you need from the situation. Getting what you want from this situation, i.e. full recognition that your vag health really is like any other health, would require misogynistic religious organizations to suddenly stop thinking you were second class citizens. Please don't hold your breath on that one, or you're going to have another serious health problem very quickly. No one, including Goldy, is saying they're right to do what they do, but it's just the sad truth that they do have the right to do it. We'll need to change the entire system of dealing with religion in this country to change that, and that's not a battle to be waged over the health coverage you've just secured.