Mar 11, 2014 joannac commented on Should the City Ban "Pet Rent"?.
I am not sure that there is pet rent. It seems like places allow pets or don't.
Feb 10, 2014 joannac commented on Legalize Preschool!.
Ok, the idea is good, but take a close look at how our plan would be very different from the one in Boston. Remember also that often Seattle's preschool children are not served in preschool in Seattle and that many of the children served in Seattle do not live in Seattle. This is a great idea, but investigating the different modes of funding here and in Boston have to be part of the conversation. I was disappointed that those details were not part of the presentation to the City Council. Getting it right is important or there will be a waste of public resources that could better serve these same families.
Dec 2, 2013 joannac commented on Sawant Kicked Ass in the New Seattle City Council District Three.
Don't forget the role that Strippergate played in the elections where Nicastro and Willis were defeated. It made them look like hypocrites. This along with increases in energy prices dulled the shine. I am not sure why more Seattle residents have not questioned the rise in especially our utility bills in the last few years. It will be interesting to see what she can deliver and how she manages many different city issues.
Oct 16, 2013 joannac commented on The Stranger's Voters' Guide!.
It is funded by Faye Garneau almost alone, along with a few others who have fought city building and zoning codes for decades. Community activists are not the source of funding for this. Some of them have been paid for services.
Feb 15, 2013 joannac commented on Why Middle-Aged People Walk into Traffic.
Walking toward the traffic is safer. You can see the cars. I actually have attempted to obey the law and then have found an obstruction on the other side. The reality is that the construction companies should provide a safe area for the pedestrians to continue along their journey. This is true for SDOT and Metro. In one case of temporary shelter closure, I was not only to walk an extra two or three blocks to the nearest open stop, I was also then suppose to cross the street to get around construction. And, of course, the bus I wanted to catch was coming.
Jul 27, 2012 joannac commented on Why Vote No on the Kiddie-Condo-Juvie.…
This levy will ensure that more services are housed in the same facility giving easier access for families and children needing a variety of family legal services. It will provide a safe and clean environment for those who are incarcerated. Private space will be adequate for those who do need to meet with a lawyer. At this point privacy is compormised, along with safety and health.
Jul 15, 2012 joannac commented on What Can You Do About the Ugly Colors on New Development Projects?.
I agree that it probably is not the ugliest building and certainly not in large development areas There are a few desirable design details as you drive by. I am not sure that they extend to walking or biking. We are in the PNW, and there is no reason to hide that. I don't want to be in Phoenix or LA or Manhattan. This is where I am. What is sad is the lack of thinking what could have been very nice for the same $s. Part of the problem is that much of Madison in this area has not in anyway reflected the design of the surrounding areas. Nor, have recent additions reflected great design, making it difficult to maintain a standard of architectural design. If the standard becomes what currently exists on Madison, this may be appropriate. This is not the worst of what happens when developers are set free from standards and no one is paying attention to the details. However, it certainly falls short of any pretense to reflect the potential that could have heartened any modern architect. Remember the mural of grazing cows.

Color is temporary, and design is permanent. However, at times both often need each other to be look great. Materials are also important.
Feb 2, 2011 joannac commented on What Are Jackson Place Residents Running From?.
So sorry to read all the name calling by all, but why does "The Stranger" do it? You could try make your points more poignantly without all the shouting. I can't hear you for all the noise.
Jan 25, 2011 joannac commented on Parents Emerge Victorious Over Boundary Wars With School Board.

Yes, what was she thinking? Was she thinking just about the families around Stevens who may now be drawn into other areas or was she really thinking about all of the families, especially those in Area 4? Before this I would have agreed that Kay was doing OK especially in comparison to some other Board Members. Now I feel that she is basically pushing the agenda of a few in North Capitol Hill and Madrona at the expense of others and with no regard for genuine public engagement. Tell me again why we want to keep her.
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