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Nov 9, 2012 Steve Dorner commented on Anti-Gay Now, Anti-Gay Tomorrow, Anti-Gay Forever!.
Now that gay marriage is compulsory, I thinking would be hilarious for Rick Santorum to "take" Mike Huckabee as his running "mate"...
Jul 6, 2012 Steve Dorner commented on LTE: "Public Pools and Mastectomys" [sic].
"I don't want to see it. I also shouldn't have to."

I don't want to see Christians...
Mar 1, 2011 Steve Dorner commented on Scum and Scummer.
"Huckabee" is almost onomatopoeic for throwing up while giving a BJ, don't you think?
Feb 7, 2011 Steve Dorner commented on Gangbanger.
@11: Why don't we just lock everyone up? Then there would be no victims of gangs, or any other crimes. (Just victims of law, but hey, American Laws -- love them or leave them, right?)
Jan 25, 2011 Steve Dorner commented on The Curators at the Official Bad Art Museum of Art....
I think the painting is supposed to be of someone's "prayer closet," where they go every morning to read the holey scripsure and pray unto the lo-ord that he be nice for a change.

Gawd needs regular advice, because while he may know everything, he's evidently too absent-minded and apathetic to take care of people who don't badger him. Left to his own devices, he just spends the day smiting.
Jan 10, 2011 Steve Dorner commented on Since Nobody Else Seems to Want to Go There....
Guns are a *fetish*. You can't argue someone out of their fetish. Alas.

Note that the attacker was subdued without the use of The Holy Gun--even the guy who evidently had one didn't use it. (Damn good thing Loughner didn't get hold of it in the struggle.) Guns did nothing to protect anyone in this incident.
Jan 8, 2011 Steve Dorner commented on Comments on Sarah Palin's Facebook Page.
I thought that having everyone armed to the teeth was supposed to stop this stuff. They say the shooter was "tackled." I suppose if only the 9-year-old had her piece on her, none of this would have happened. That must be how Palin & the NRA will spin this.
Jan 6, 2011 Steve Dorner commented on Today in Douchebags.
Dexter is a paean to murder and hate. Hardly surprising to find haters among its fans.
Dec 13, 2010 Steve Dorner commented on Don't Click This Link!.
Nope, not sorry. One shrill loser earning megabucks can put up with another shrill loser, as far as I'm concerned.
Aug 5, 2010 Steve Dorner commented on The Woman of Humans.
She is in a pose reminiscent of Botticelli's Venus. He is in a pose reminiscent of Da Vinci's Universal Man. They're artistic references (no, neither of them exact).

Besides: who says SHE is striking a pose but HE isn't? Who stands around palms out like that?

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