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Jan 15, 2010 fenrir121 joined My Stranger Face
Jan 14, 2010 fenrir121 commented on How Many Times Do They Have to Say It Before The Media Recognizes That It's a Coordinated Effort??.
I am Republican. You know, one of those guys who believes in a society ruled by law and not by men, of accountability for all levels of our populace to those laws, and of a government that serves the people and not the other way around. In fact, I am such a Republican and I care about my country and Republican values as I have defined them so much that I voted for Obama, because I thought he would restore some of those values. But now, under pressure of losing his popularity, I see a man who I thought had a great chance to be a great president beating the exact same, "I have to watch you so that I can protect you" drum that the last guy was and tightening his despotism to do so, as the psychos who run my party egg him on by calling him soft. And he has bought it hook line and sinker.

My party was hijacked a long time ago and it has truly become the party of RINO's who have no connection to the true values of Republicanism proper. We now have Despot of the Week system in place of the presidency and the person that I thought might reverse it is just like the last guy.

No I don't buy this BS, but Obama's side has not sounded much better recently.