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Jul 6, 2015 SeattleMike commented on Seattle Police Training Session, Held Up As a National Model, Lands Trainer and Trainee in Hot Water.
Yes, Akbar Fazil they really are just going through the motions. If you watch the video (at least the version I have been seeing) there is an officer sitting there with his phone very obviously playing games and never even looking up to where the training is supposed to be taking place. The entire video is hard evidence of the attitude of a lot of SPD officers. While there are a few that were paying enough attention to ask questions and criticize the training, it appears that none were taking it seriously, all while on our dime.
Feb 3, 2015 SeattleMike commented on Seattle Police Chief Returns Lost Wallet to #BlackLivesMatter Activist.
@24 : No, those are definitely his feet. See how they're attached through the shin?
Sep 12, 2014 SeattleMike commented on Tim Eyman Initiative to Kill Seattle's Minimum Wage Picks Up $100,000 in Donations.
At least he has a sense of humor when naming his initiatives...

I'll forever be calling this one the "Tim Eyman F-U Minimum Wage Initiative"
Aug 8, 2014 SeattleMike commented on Atheist Author Cancels Seattle Appearance After Receiving Death Threats Signed by "God's Little Helper".
Things haven't changed much in 30 years. I attended an American Atheists annual convention in Denver many years ago. We had a march to and rally at the State Capitol building, and Madalyn Murray-O'Hair was wearing a white dress. As she started her speech, she told us that she had originally selected a red dress, but that the Denver PD security detail that was scattered about in plainclothes had asked that she wear white, 'so the blood would be easier to spot in case I was shot'.

4 of us ate lunch at a little cafe nearby after the rally, and were harassed throughout by a guy with a microphone and PA system standing across the street. The police finally showed up and had him turn down the volume a little bit.
Aug 8, 2014 SeattleMike commented on After a Second Day of Counting, No Big Change in Primary Results.
@17 @18 - you're looking at results from an older election, with a different Prop. 1.

Here are the current numbers:…

For formation
53.17% - 70355 votes

Against formation
46.83% - 61978 votes

So it *is* gaining on the YES side; the later ballots are breaking in favor.
Aug 1, 2014 SeattleMike commented on Anti-Parks District Campaign Robo-Calls Seattle.
@2 - But did they illegally spoof their Caller ID so that anyone trying to call back to complain managed to dial 911? Looks like these folks just might be a special kind of stupid.

See the FCC's information on Caller ID spoofing (with up to $10,000 per call fines attached):…

Aug 1, 2014 SeattleMike commented on Guest Editorial: Why Voting for a Seattle Metropolitan Parks District Means Losing Citizen Oversight.
The Seattle Police Department must be thrilled with all of the false 911 calls generated by people that didn't realize what that spoofed number actually was, and who tried to call back to complain.

@54 - Do you really think that the votes that they are lying to obtain are not 'something of value'? They sure are spending a lot of money to get something valueless, then.

If they are willing to break the law and lie about who they really are (false Caller ID), why do they think you should trust them when they spew the rest of their incorrect crap?

For those interested, here is the FCC page for filing complaints about false Caller ID:

Note that you may also file a complaint if they robo-dialed your cellphone with their garbage, and you had not given them specific prior permission to do so. While political calls are mostly exempt from the federal Do Not Call registry, robo-dialing cellphones remains completely illegal and can subject them to a $1500 fine, per call, for every call they placed to forbidden cellphones.

Since they only called on my VOIP/landline, I only filed one complaint.
Apr 17, 2014 SeattleMike commented on Best New Places to Eat for Cheap in Seattle.
We ate at Ten Sushi a few weeks ago. The food was OK, but I though it was way overpriced for what we got. We had a few plates, paid our $35 or so, then walked up to Marineopolis/SushiLand to finish our meal.
Mar 15, 2014 SeattleMike commented on Kshama Sawant Will Announce a Specific $15 Minimum Wage Proposal at Tomorrow's Rally.
Thanks for the multiple illegal robo-calls to my cellphone!

While political calls are generally exempt from the Do-Not-Call list, *all* robocalls to cellphones are specifically prohibited unless you have given prior permission, and violators are subject to large fines.

I didn't stay on the line long enough to listen to see if there was a way to contact the campaign to let them know that what they are doing is completely illegal, and to have them contact whoever gave them that number to demand that they remove it from their calling database.
Feb 24, 2014 SeattleMike commented on Mayor, Chief Say They Were Wrong to Remove Cop's Misconduct Verdict.
*Now* can we have a Civilian Police Review Board? Letting the SPOG-controlled temporary placeholder chief overrule disciplinary decisions obviously isn't working out so well.

At the very least the DoJ needs to step up from 'monitoring' to 'intervention'.

(And 'Dominic the cry baby', you obviously didn't watch the same video that everyone else managed to see. The incident was over, and the SPD crew was getting ready to leave the scene when Mr. Holden approached to find out who was in charge of the specific incident. All the officer had to do was answer one simple question from a member of the media; ins tea she decided to go on a juvenile tirade. If Mr. Holden had waited much longer all of these officers would have been gone, leaving nobody to answer any questions.)