Jun 16, 2015 iviola commented on Did Developers Shoot Down Discussion of Rent Control on the Mayor's Housing Affordability Committee?.
@14 , we're in an historic period of job growth where amazon alone just dumped 20k employees downtown over the past several years. Of course rents are going up, as there is no way the market can respond as fast to deliver new units. The fact that rents in buildings that were built prior to 2010 in Seattle only increased 5% annually in this environment is a good outcome; it would be much worse in SF. Blame amazon if you want, but it's not our housing policies at fault.
Oct 21, 2014 iviola commented on Seattle City Council Approves Plan for New Affordable Housing Funding.
And I love how they think that new market rate units in places like northgate and rainier beach need to be "mitigated" - those places can just barely support any new construction at all and what is built is not high end stuff...meanwhile places outside urban villages where don't want growth - no taxes there.
Oct 21, 2014 iviola commented on Seattle City Council Approves Plan for New Affordable Housing Funding.
Ah yes, rewarding the lucky few lottery winners who'll get subsidized units while everyone else picks up the tab. Nice job city council
Jan 29, 2014 iviola commented on Developers Sue to Make Seattle More Developer-Friendly.
The incentive zoning has always been political window dressing to give cover to rezones- which anyone who understands supply and demand knows is a good thing for affordability over the long run, including most members of our city council. The rezone is a benefit to affordability, not a cost to be mitigated. The difference between $15 and $20 is not earthshaking. The developers should go with the flow and hope that we don't ever regulate housing production like SF does, which in many cases is the equivalent of $50/ sf across the ENTIRE building, not bonus area, because it's inclusionary across all units. The outcome is insane housing prices.
Dec 10, 2013 iviola commented on Protesters Have to Tell the Truth.
Housing politics in SF are in fact terrible. And some city council members want to emulate the that City's failed policies.....
Aug 1, 2013 iviola commented on Where Can I Buy the Perfect Peach?.
My peach tree in Ravenna is kicking out maybe the best peaches I've ever had. Can't tell you why it was planted here or how the peaches could be so good
May 20, 2013 iviola commented on McGinn Leads in New KING-5 Poll.
Go to any candidate forum. Sit and listen to McGinn and Steinbrueck, side-by-side. Having done that, my belief is that the vast majority of people would vote for McGinn. He is thoughtful, articulate and, dare I say, mayoral. Steinbrueck does not, and I'll leave it at that.
May 8, 2013 iviola commented on The Fight Against Small Apartments.
Excellent article, Dominic. Should be required reading for anyone wading into this debate.
Apr 23, 2013 iviola commented on Canada's Left Abandons the Word "Socialism".
Gimme a break. Canada's economy is like texas on slightly large (perhaps?) scale. Take the oil boom out and they'd certainly be no better off than the US.
Apr 9, 2013 iviola commented on How to Make SLU an Affordable Neighborhood.
The land use code is a terribly ineffective place to fix societal injustice. IF we marginally increase the fees, some affordable housing can be added to SLU- won't be much but comes as little price.
If we take the 'Licata leap", we'll torpedo growth in SLU and not support as much growth near downtown, not get the same growth in tax base, etc. We should also be creating better affordable housing by better connection existing affordable neighborhoods to downtown. Why the focus on demanding incredible costly (opportunity cost basis) affordable housing in the most expensive area of the City to build?