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I know I'm not a loser, because I play video games in my own basement.

Oct 10, 2012 outrider commented on How to Talk About Marriage Equality.
Oooh, those are nice definitions! Can you attach bible chapter and verses to that for reference?
Aug 23, 2012 outrider commented on The Woman in 606.
Awesome article. Thanks!
Aug 16, 2012 outrider commented on I, Anonymous.
Yeah, don't send the letter. This was absolutely the most appropriate venue. Reap the hugs, but leave the ex alone.
Aug 8, 2012 outrider commented on I, Anonymous.
I liked this one.
Aug 12, 2011 outrider commented on I Would Like You to Know My Name.
I wish you the best future. I wish you prosperity and new love.
Apr 22, 2011 outrider commented on Savage Love.
I just googled seitan. Gross Dan!
Feb 16, 2011 outrider commented on I, Anonymous.
Yet another reason why I don't fraternize with closeted people.
Aug 27, 2010 outrider commented on Our Wars.
I really enjoyed these stories. Thanks!
Jul 11, 2010 outrider commented on The Emerald City Gangsta Dialectic.
Yeah, the video and the lyrics don't match at all. I had to watch it twice. Once to enjoy the pretty backgrounds and the cute dog in the park. Then again to verify their insistence that I take them seriously as bad-ass criminals leading the hard life. Catchy song though.
Jun 28, 2010 outrider updated his or her bio.