Jul 23, 2014 Lugh commented on The Beauty of Light Pollution: A Website Collects Night Images of Cities Taken From the International Space Station.
I would prefer not to be defined by an anomaly created by other members of my species.
Jul 8, 2014 Lugh commented on Now That It's Legal, You Should Stop Smoking Pot.
The act of smoking -- real smoke, from burning plants -- is one of my favorite parts of getting high. Inhaling and exhaling smoke has been considered sacred and often ritualized in countless cultures thought history. It's pretty central to the whole experience. Getting high is not just about supplying supplemental neurotransmitters. They have pills for that now. Edible's, though useful in smoke-prohibited situations and for non-smokers, are boring.
Jun 12, 2014 Lugh commented on To Shut Off the Bad Parts of the Internet.
Learning techniques to deal with this sort of thing is one of the primary reasons why you went to grade school.
Jul 22, 2013 Lugh commented on The Saturday Morning News.
Sorry, @ 38 with unrequested flippant clarification of @37
Jul 22, 2013 Lugh commented on The Saturday Morning News.
@ 37 -- I'll try to clarify: yes, yes, huh?, yes, no. Hope that helps, try to keep up.
Apr 30, 2013 Lugh commented on Mitt Romney Wants You to Get Married Young (If You're Heterosexual, of Course).
Having children when you're much past 30 will, in truth (my truth, granted), cause you to miss out on a whole lot of life. Always remember that it takes 18 years and no small amount of luck to get your own, independent, life back after the birth.

Having the kids gown and on their own by the time you're 50 totally rocks.

@5, terrifying? Your parents might be pretty pleased to hear that I think. Having your kids roll their eyes at your behavior is sweet, sweet justice.
Apr 24, 2013 Lugh commented on Seattle’s First Happiness Open House Was Super Depressing.
@40 That should make everyone a little happier, right?
Feb 20, 2013 Lugh commented on Wondering How to Feel About the GMO Labeling Initiative?.
I've a BS in Botany and an MS in Biotech. Over 25 years in bio-research at the bench. For what that's worth. Of course GMO foods should be labeled, why not? If we're talking of "should", they should be banned outright. Yes, seemingly reasonable people are repulsed by GMO foods, that's because they are able to reason beyond their own self-interest. The good people who produce GMO foods are not concerned with the service of humankind, and they must be slapped down at every opportunity. See "Indian Farmer Suicides". See "Monsanto Intellectual Property Cases". Do I need to go on? This is common knowledge. Genetic engineering is a crap-shoot of unintended and often unwanted consequences -- I know, I've seen it performed at the highest levels. Most elite researchers wouldn't know a proper control if it bit them in the ass -- I shudder to think how the science was done by the 3rd-tier bozos who work in the Ag industry. That may sounds harsh, but I wouldn't trust the work of some folks who DO make it in high-end science. Not to ingest it anyway.. and certainly not to let it loose outside the lab.

Want proof that GMOs are hazardous? Fuck You -- prove they are safe before they can be released into the environment. Want to protect "Intellectual Property"? Double Fuck You. "Intellectual Property" is a ploy to enrich those who don't actually own much of an intellect -- or a soul.

Sorry for the rant, I've been dealing with/contemplating GMO food issues for a long time now. Labeling isn't a new issue, I worked with the Green Party of Maine to get labeling of GMOs in Maine well over 10 years ago! Oh well, the more things change the more they stay the same.

Nov 30, 2012 Lugh commented on Riding In Pysch Lanes.
@ Dan and chinaski -- If you are too timid to use the street leave your bike at home and walk or bus. A few yards of sidewalk riding to avoid a hazard in the road you can't avoid otherwise, or to get to a bike rack etc. is reasonable. More than that and you've crossed the line. I know it's legal but it's a dickwad move.
Oct 26, 2012 Lugh commented on What He Said: Doug Wright.
@ 2/3/5 I'm not looking for, or even hoping for, perfection. Of course Romney's worse -- horribly worse. Duh. And I would vote for Obama if I were in a swing state (thankfully I'm not). What I'm saying is that making a point of "you don't get to walk away clean" for selectively overlooking some policies while others are horrific, cannot be applied only to the opposition.

Nobody's walking away from this clean.