Mar 22, 2011 prenks commented on Today The Stranger Suggests.
Man, I love these. Hands down my favourite holiday candy ever. I sure hope I can find them in France.
Mar 14, 2011 prenks commented on Celery Is the Most Overrated Vegetable Ever!.
Raw celery tastes like dirty water and is most definitely the most overrated vegetable ever.
Mar 13, 2011 prenks commented on This Is Not Important.
Not important, but awesome.
Mar 11, 2011 prenks commented on "I Think I Just Smurfed in My Mouth".
Why would Neil Patrick Harris agree to be in that film?
Mar 8, 2011 prenks commented on The Last Time I Saw My Grandmother.
Thank you for sharing that. It made me cry.
Feb 21, 2011 prenks commented on Amtrak (Allegedly) Hates The Stranger.
Montreal Trudeau Airport blocks Slog. I must say, I was surprised.
Feb 9, 2011 prenks commented on For Your Valentine's Day Consideration.
I once received a pair of these from a group of girlfriends along with a proper pair of skivvies. Only I didn't know it was a panty rose and only found out perhaps a year or so later. Oops.
Jan 3, 2011 prenks commented on "A Large Fox Tends to Have Great Confidence.".
I'm sorry, his parents? Are giant cat people living in that house? Giant cat people who would throw their own son out on a cold dark night? An abusive family like that shouldn't be surprised when their child is eaten by a fox.
Jan 3, 2011 prenks commented on Color of the Year.
@9 - Good plan.

@10 - My thoughts exactly.
Jan 3, 2011 prenks commented on Another Reason for You to Dislike Me: I Didn't Think Toy Story 3 Was All that Great.
You know what? I watched it with a friend of mine and we BOTH thought it was garbage. So no hate from me, just support.