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Dec 27, 2014 aimeeday1972 commented on Savage Love.
Hunter has a major chip on his shoulder. Going back over the comment list, I find that the women who state they have a short partner/are attracted to shorter men/would date a short guy if he were otherwise attractive outnumber those who say they wouldn't by about three to one. And as for the money issue, when I met my (5 ' 4") husband, he was living in the Salvation Army shelter. I'm not saying there are tons of women who would date a homeless guy - a shelter as a living address.might be an issue for more than a few women. My friends thought I was nuts at the time. But he had just moved here without a dime in his pocket. He was.employed and within a few weeks he had an apartment. I thought it spoke well of his guts to pick up and move to a new city with nothing in his pockets. What can I say, I like the spontaneous type. Sixteen years and three kids later, I'm glad I gave him.the benefit of the doubt. :)
Nov 26, 2014 aimeeday1972 commented on Savage Love.
Oops sorry posted before I finished ..... if all those conditions are met then people can choose to get over it. That shove was 4 years in the past own and I'm so glad I didn't leave or call the cops. That would probably have started a chain of events that would be insurmountable. He showed remorse, I showed remorse for my part (which is not the same as saying I deserved or provoked it) and we used the incident as motivation to change some.things that needed changing. That was in the context of a thirteen year marriage with three kids, not a less - than - one-year relationship with other big problems. Not saying they should stay together, just saying that not every incident of mild violence has to be relationship ending.
Nov 26, 2014 aimeeday1972 commented on Savage Love.
When I was 19 I was a fucked up child still - some people aren't- and I got into totally inappropriate relationships with childish older men and we occasionally pushed or slapped each other. None of those relationships were worth saving and none of them lasted. Ten years later I had gotten my shit together and married a good man who had helped me change my jealous, tantrumy ways by not putting up with my shit and by keeping his cool when I did not. (@20 - yes, a real man DOES "just take it" when a hysterical girl slaps him - as opposed to flying off the handle and hitting her back, that is). We had thirteen slap-free years together until one drunken night we got in a bad fight and he shoved me against a sliding glass door. It was a big deal because im physically fragile and could have been seriously hurt. But instead of deciding that he or I was an irredeemable abuser who ought to be dropped like a rock, we took it as a clue to examine our drinking. People aren't perfect. People do dumb shit (especially when drunk) and if it isn't part of a pattern and there are good reasons to stay together and if bothpeople are willing to look at their part in the drama (notice I don't say just the one who lost their shit and pushed/slapped) then
Aug 28, 2014 aimeeday1972 commented on Savage Love.
@EricaP weird a dufferent name when I signed in thistime. I must have two accounts. The above comment is from.Gueralinda, the lady with the vanilla husband :)
Aug 28, 2014 aimeeday1972 commented on Savage Love.
Thanks for the advice Erica. Years ago, I assumed he had a kink he couldnt tell me about, but now I think thats simply because I Couldn't imagine not having a few kinks myself. I could be wrong, he is a naturally private person and is just not into sharing his fantasies with me. Ive told him some of my own and that gets him off, but if I ask him to tell me one of.his, he just laughs and shakes his head. What I really think is that he simply fantasizes about other women, and doesnt want to share that because we are both committed to monogamy (yes, I'm sure). He doesnt want to hurt my feelings. I can live with that. He is a wonderful lover, generous and sweet, and if there is a lack of passion and real excitement on his part while he is performing my kinks for me, I guess I can supply it with my imagination. And, as you say, offer.him a.nice long footrub or his favorite sandwich in return.
Jan 7, 2014 aimeeday1972 commented on Savage Love.
At the risk of opening up a whole new can of worms, I will mention that some cultures are more accepting of fat women than others are. Im a fat woman (5'5", 220 pounds) who has been happily married for fifteen years to a sweet, sexy, totally normal man who just happens to like big soft tits and ass. We met salsa dancing- yes he's Latino. i was a little smaller then - about 180. But i was active an healthy and coordinated enough to shake it all night long. And there was no shortage of men who liked the way it looked shaking all over the dance floor. i dont want to generalize, but in my rawther considerable experience, the latin men are less likely to have the kind of strong negative reaction you often get from american men. Just something to think about - lots of our preferences are culturally mediated.
Jan 5, 2014 aimeeday1972 commented on Savage Love.
Adding my two cents in case anybody is counting: orgasms from clitoral stimulation are easier to come by but not as satisfying. Orgasms that come from intercourse are a rarity for me - they only happen when i am extra aroused and feeling extra lovey with my husband. But when they do happen they are something special. But dont get me wrong - i like all orgasms and dont give a rip how they come about. Fingers, tongues, cocks, vibrators, unicorns... Whatever! Keep em coming ;)
Dec 3, 2013 aimeeday1972 commented on SL Letter of the Day: Partners Still.
@8: "I feel like someone's going to ask Dan about cranberry sauce, and he's going to realize that polyamory might be the solution there."

HAHAHAHAHAHA no shit, that's Dan's answer to every problem under the sun, except when the LW specifies that it's off the table, and then his answer is "cheat."
Sep 11, 2013 aimeeday1972 commented on Savage Love.
Oh and for all the people who are saying "find somebody with the perfect parts" i have one word for you: time. Bodies change. Ms. Perfect tits will get a little saggy, and Mr. Thundercock will have erection issues as they both get older. People gain and lose weight; they have babies; they get sick sometimes. Unless you think you are somehow entitled to trade in your partner for a younger/hotter model every five years (good luck with that), you might have a happier life learning to love the parts your does have. And shit, who thinks an extra inch of cock or slightly perkier tits are the most important things about their so-called loved ones, anyway? Bunch of schmucks.
Sep 11, 2013 aimeeday1972 commented on Savage Love.
Theres an awesome version of a sheath thats only a half-sheath. It goes under the penis and is held on with two little loops. And it vibrates. And its awesome. Did i mention that its awesome? Oh yeah and one more thing. Its awesome!