Seattle, WA
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Dan / Helvetica

When I 1st moved to Seattle, you were one of the 1st queens I saw, and thought you were fantastic. I saw you at Gay Bingo both in and out of drag, and am honored to have been one of the Queens to later carry the torch for that event.

I disagree with your statement that you never earned the right to call yourself a 'real' queen simply because Zora painted your face. You tucked, wore the hose and the heels and I'm sure felt the pain both during and after - but suffered it all for the Art and entertainment.

You may not have made a 'career' of it, but you gave it your all whenever you went out. No drugstore make-up or a wig straight from the bag.

You gave us FACE, girl... !

Kudos to you,

Miss Gay Seattle XLV