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Feb 11, 2010 Callooh! Callay! commented on Some Thoughts on The Port CEO's Recent Thoughts.
Imagine UW president Emmert saying he "personally" endorsed a tuition raise for students. Or imagine Defense Secretary Gates saying he "personally" opposed repeal of 'don't ask, don't tell". No one would take them seriously. How can Yoshitani keep a straight-face when he's still announcing his "personal" opposition?

We've already seen he's spending tax money on this. Maybe he views our tax dollars as his to "personally" spend, kind of like Dinsmore did.
Feb 5, 2010 Callooh! Callay! commented on Out of Step.
So Bushnell lies about a degree and he is forced to "resign". Yoshitani goes beyond his authority to lobby on federal legislation against the interests of the city, lies about it, instructs his staff to lie about and then shows only smugness. I suppose that's the arrogance you get when you're the highest paid port official in the country and no one holds you accountable for anything.

Who wants to bet he is pestering his sheepish commissioners for a raise in the next six months (while freezing wages for his staff)?
Jan 27, 2010 Callooh! Callay! commented on Port of Seattle CEO Strives to Block Port Reform, Cont'd.
Notice what the Port’s PR flak and Yoshitani are doing. They are arguing that the Port of Seattle and Ports all around the country SHOULD NOT have the authority to set environmental, security and safety standards for ports trucks. The ability to set environmental standards on polluting trucks without getting suited by the ATA, sorry we don’t want that.

They are not just parroting the position of the trucking industry and Walmart. They are leading the charge.

Well, the PR flak says Yoshitani’s not. But then notice what she does. She puts forth all the reasons the law should be left the same. She so careful mirrors the talking points from industry and the AAPA resolution that it leaves the impression she wrote those talking points herself.

As for her claim about not hiring McBee to lobbying, it’s a lie. Look up McBee’s 2009 3rd quarter lobbying disclosure form for the Port of Seattle. It’s in black and white as required by federal law:…. It’s not good form for the PR person to lie. It kind of makes you doubt anything else she’s saying.

Yoshitani has consistently championed the industry’s position on the trucks issue. He used to work for them as a ‘consultant’ and he’ll be richly rewarded we he goes back to them after his stint as the highest paid port official in the country. His commitment to environment is as thin as the paper the Port’s endless press releases are printed on.
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