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Apr 26, 2012 discodolly commented on Savage Love Episode 288.
Dan I love you but that bisexual guy is kind of a douchebag dipshit...not that everything he said was wrong or anything, but he was annoying as hell and loved the sound of his own voice. Ugh.
Apr 10, 2012 discodolly commented on Latrice Motherfuckin' Royale Was Motherfuckin' Robbed.
Goddamnit DAN! This one was not on demand yet when I was home late last night. Learn to use a motherfucking cut!
Jan 12, 2012 discodolly commented on Interview with an Assassin.
Glad to know that I wasn't crazy when I watched the trailer and thought that it was odd that this wanted assassin would consent to an interview with half-transparent mesh on his face and no voice modulation...
Dec 6, 2011 discodolly commented on Savage ove Episode 268.
I'm going to miss Lucy! Also, great intro rant!
Aug 25, 2011 discodolly commented on What The Fuck Has Obama Done So Far?.
Furthermore: http://bit.ly/pw6XTv What makes you think that the lesser evil is really anything better? It might make you feel good to believe that Obama is anything other than a centrist tool who encourages complacency, but it doesn't change reality.
Aug 25, 2011 discodolly commented on What The Fuck Has Obama Done So Far?.
Seriously Dan, I know he did an IGBP vid, but with your intelligence I'd expect you of all people to see how flimsy these "accomplishments" are. Wow, he issued an EXECUTIVE ORDER to close Gitmo, nothing actually happened. "Increased minority access to capital" and others are clearly reaches for the truth of hte matter is, not only does Barack Obama not care about queer people, but he has been oversold as being proactive and progressive overall. Wake up!
Aug 22, 2011 discodolly commented on SL Letter of the Day: MMF Fright Night.
Don't do what @19 is suggesting if you care at all about having a good session recorded for future proliferation on the internet.
Aug 1, 2011 discodolly commented on SL Letter of the Day: Natural Born Hermi.
what's wrong with "queer"? Seems a perfect way to describe any non-normative sexuality, especially since our language is still constrained and bound by the notion of sexual binaries... surprised Dan didn't suggest it, but then again he's been on vacay...
Apr 13, 2011 discodolly commented on SL Letter of the Day: Degrade Inflation.
As a married woman who chiefly gets off to various kinds of degrading treatment, I will challenge the OP's false superiority about spit not entering their sexplay. Spit is hot. Getting spit on is hot. I am not drawn towards licking the bottoms of my husband's feet, since it doesn't strike me as hot... but after some belt sanding and a good pedicure I'd try it without hesitation. Just saying it's not helpful sometimes to make too many value judgments about kinks you don't share.

@JH, Regardless of the existence of the term "rape culture," some people can still reconcile their need for dangerous, insidious P in the V sex. My personal politics do not limit my transgressive acts in the bedroom, because for me sex is beyond political and it's just fun. It's adult playtime, or as Dan said, "cops and robbers with your pants off."
Apr 6, 2011 discodolly commented on Please stop. Stop. STOP..
spoken like the true old and crotchety 35-yr-old that you coyly claim to be.