Jul 11, 2014 danae commented on Help Senator Murray Push Back Against Hobby Lobby.
All good suggestions, with the glaring exception of that last one. It's the employees (not their bosses) who will have to rearrange those stamp displays. They're already on the right side, so please people, don't make their work situation even shittier than it currently is.
Feb 14, 2011 danae commented on Hello, I'm Not the Enemy.
So a few people (yourself included) started out fat and lost weight. Therefore, everyone can do it! As someone said on another site, the plural of anecdote is not data.

The problem is that you have made many comments saying eww, fatties even if you say other stuff about it being okay to be fat. As it is, we're all left assuming you are to fat people what super homophobic Republican politicians are to teh gayz- secretly afraid of your own proclivities and how people would look at you if they knew your dirty dirty secret. If you don't have a problem with fat people, stop convincing us you have a problem with fat people. JUST KNOCK IT THE FUCK OFF.
Feb 11, 2011 danae commented on Hello, I Am Fat.
Ah, Lindy I love you.
Nov 10, 2010 danae commented on I, Anonymous.
I can orgasm in less time than it takes to write this post (seriously), I have oorgasms every day and I'm kinky as hell. And yes, I'm bragging. I am not impressed with you, Milbury
Oct 25, 2010 danae commented on Antoine Dodson Pitches the Sex Offender App.
Will it distinguish between actual sex offenders and kids who sent photos of themselves to classmates?
Oct 20, 2010 danae commented on Great Cake Wrecks of Literature.
why didn't they get a cotton candy machine to make the spiderwbs?
Aug 3, 2010 danae commented on Muslim Women Board Plane With Only Their Eyes Showing.
I was in that same airport last month, and their security is pretty goddamn good. Plus, they have a body scanner which I had to go through. Whoever put this up on YouTube is totally full of shit, or mentally retarded.
Jul 15, 2010 danae commented on Council May Chew Out Exhibit of People Jerky.
I saw the exhibit 3 weeks ago in Montreal. The bodies are ghoulish and disrespectful if you are disgusted by the human body, if you are curious or amazed or reverent that's what you will find.

Ahead of me in the exhibit was a father and three children astonished by what they were seeing. They would stop here or there, and talk about each display. Watching them was supremely cool.

In high school I took anatomy/physiology, and as part of my grade we dissected dead cats. Now, I'm not particularly squeamish, but performing the actual cutting of something that had been once alive upset me a great deal. If the teacher had provided a cat cadaver with relevant anatomy incised for us to explore, I would have felt less anguish but just as much respect for the animal that was educating us.