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May 21, 2015 Magyarhammer commented on The Time I Had a Sexting Three-Way Thanks to My Friend Who Was Holding My Phone as I Drove.
Article was a fantastic read and the first 5 comments were almost elemental in representing the variance in Internet commenting.
May 9, 2013 Magyarhammer commented on Your Dog Sucks.
I love animals, I have 2 dogs and take very good care of
them. I also have a child.

Domesticated dogs are dependent on humans so it is up to humans that choose to care for a dog, to CARE for the animal and ensure that it doesn't harass and endanger other people.

If you let your dog run without a leash, YOU are abusing your dog by being negligent. Whether it is a car tire or someones fist, it is still your fault.

Dogs are not children. I love my dogs, but if I ever was faced with the possibility that they ever would become a danger to my child, loved ones, or strangers I would go to the vet and put them to sleep with tears in my eyes.

Farhad's piece is not an anti dog rant, its a rant about irresponsible owners.

Apr 17, 2013 Magyarhammer commented on Required Reading: Gabrielle Giffords's Op-Ed.
Gaby's great line:

"Our democracy’s history is littered with names we neither remember nor celebrate — people who stood in the way of progress while protecting the powerful."

goes double for internet trolls. And regarding this comment troll, even if for a second we accept your delusion that she had a ghost writer, she was shot in the head... what's your excuse for being a puppet of the NRA's PR machine?

Aug 22, 2012 Magyarhammer commented on Curiosity Moves on Mars.
This post is a great example illustrating the point that those who cannot do instead blog.
May 28, 2012 Magyarhammer commented on There Are No War Heroes.
@ 18. you made my day! Well said. I love reading the stranger but rants from Charles such as this are truly difficult to bear. I try not to feed the troll so I don't really post... and I recognize that you take the good with the bad but, jesus is it painful to read.
Feb 29, 2012 Magyarhammer commented on This Is the Future of Photography.
As a pro photographer I can tell you that the awesomeness of this technology is pretty exaggerated. This is a great tool to play with focus but there is something to be said to be forced think through composition and a desired focus of a subject before you take a picture. The ability to play with depth of field does nothing for being able to compose a photograph in the first place. Much like when HD video started becoming standard on pro SLRs, there was this promise in the air that all you had to do was shoot some video and then pick the best photo. However it soon became clear that there was a difference between recording a scene and photographing it.
Oct 5, 2011 Magyarhammer commented on Steve Jobs Dead at 56.
Everything that I have done in my professional career has been done on a product that Steve has created. I am frankly stunned at how upset I am by his death.

My deepest condolences to his family.
Sep 30, 2011 Magyarhammer commented on Lunchtime Quickie: Why Are Cats In Russia So Frickin' Weird?.
Seriously my dogs freaked out when I played the video...
Sep 12, 2011 Magyarhammer commented on A Monstrous Decade, a Fanatical Family, and the Worst Birthday in Human History.
Fantastic read. I loved how you described the sway that imaginary facts have on our individual and collective consciousnesses. And to all the haters, at least it appears that they can read so as long as there is stuff like this out there, there is hope ;)
Jun 25, 2011 Magyarhammer commented on No Human Should be Uncontacted.
This is exactly what the Spanish would have said about the native people's of the Americas. You even used the light dark metaphorics!

Looking at past conments, seems like we are covered... Popcorn, check. Asshat check.

On a personal level, siting here in an ugly but super effective glider chair, trying to type out a post on a tiny iPhone keypad, with a newborn in my arms I truly doubt that any of the comforts and technologies around me really has anything to do with this deeply human moment of bonding with an infant child. We live in a different world than that lost tribe not a better one. Sure we have access to life saving drugs, but not ALL of us. Last time I checked our awesome enlightened civilization seems to require a very high percent of the population to be brutalized, starved and forgotten.

What you probably meant to say was that maybe 1% of that tribe needs to be welcomed into the 1% of our population of light.

Typing with one thumb is hard.