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Oct 23, 2011 UncutRod commented on Conservative Elected Officials Release "It Gets Better" Video.
Martinz: I understand that bullying in high school is a tough thing to bear; but, you have no idea how terrible it is for gay youth. Imagine your experience a hundred times worse and you might come close to what it was like. Bullying has to be stopped...that message applies to everyone gay or straight; but, I speak from experience that it is on a different plane when you are being bullied because you are gay.
Oct 22, 2011 UncutRod commented on Conservative Elected Officials Release "It Gets Better" Video.
One of them is well known to be gay; but, he can't admit it publicly. This is hypocrisy.
May 8, 2010 UncutRod commented on Unpalatable.
The bridesmaid's all have big tits...the poor bride couldn't breast feed a hamster. It's her day, leave her alone!!!
Apr 30, 2010 UncutRod commented on The Pope Is Really Very Seriously Thinking About Maybe Someday Kinda Sorta Apologizing To All Those Kids His Priests Raped (Some With His Help).
I am not suckered into the concept that priests are better or holier, than me. I do not go to confession. I geuss, I am what is called a cafeteria Catholic. I do like the time at Mass that is afforded, when I think of the past week and how I could have done better in my life. I do believe in praying for souls; both, lost and gone; more for those lost. There is too much greed and hate in the world. I have never been abused by a priest, but I am gay. The priests that I have had the opporunity to know, were good men. I have, however; encountered very domineering priests with a nasty chip on their shoulder. These will go to somewhere other than heaven, until they resolve their issues. Pergatory? I think Cromwell and Henry VIII successfully proved that this concept is not founded in scripture. Whatever, these men are inconsequential in my life. I have seen newly ordained priests at gay pride festivals, incognito.

I am rambling. The point is: there are good priests out there, and alot of really, really bad ones. Take direction from the good ones!
Apr 22, 2010 UncutRod commented on Worship Pastor Watch.
Well, it tastes like Brie.
Mar 31, 2010 UncutRod commented on Savage Love.
Actually, for oral...cut dick is missing something! The foreskin is one more thing to play with. Enjoy it, many men envy you. Most men I've been with are uncut, as am I. I prefer uncut...because something is just missing with cut cok.
Mar 25, 2010 UncutRod commented on Health Care Reform Has To Go Back To The House For Another Vote.
OK, people....What don't you get?

Your health care system is the most expensive in the world, and the general populace is not getting adequate coverage. You are the ONLY developed country in the world where health care is delivered on the basis to pay. Tourists to your country pay exhorbitant rates of travel health insurance to spend money in your economy. You pay more for drugs than anyone else on the planet.

What is it, that you are perceiving?

Mar 21, 2010 UncutRod commented on After Watching Nine Minutes Of This....
By the way, any talk of a little blue pill in Canada refers to Viagra! It's cheaper here too!
Mar 21, 2010 UncutRod commented on After Watching Nine Minutes Of This....
Look Americans; I have recently had prostate cancer, I am Canadian; I received excellent care from the very best physicians available in my city. I was diagnosed in late September, had numerous tests performed pronto and was in for surgery on Dec 01. Prostate Cancer is a very slow developing form of cancer. I have friends who have had heart issues. They received immediate care. There are problems in every system, and there are waiting lists for elective surgeries in our system. My GP (family doctor, if the term is not familiar to you) has excellent contacts. When he refers me to specialists, I get the best in their field, despite the fact that I could never pay for that expertise. We spend far less of our GNP on health care than do our brethren south of the border. Our drugs are far cheaper. Our system is not perfect, what system is? But, it is inhumane that medical care is provided on the basis of ability to pay.
Mar 13, 2010 UncutRod commented on New French Anti-Smoking Campaign.
Please tell me this is satire.