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Mar 25, 2014 Big Harv commented on Meanwhile, In Georgia, Guns are Coming to Bars.
@4 Took me a couple articles to find, but all the bar has to do is post 'No weapons' or something on the door. As they say, they haven't determined how they'll be allowed to enforce it.

I tried googling 'Colorado Bar Shooting'. 4.5 million results. I mean, I don't know that bars are any more violent than anywhere else people are allowed to carry weapons (outside of bars, highways, homes, etc), but come on, that was too easy to refute.

Jan 2, 2014 Big Harv commented on The Bechdel Test Is Profitable.
I would mention that 'Bechdel ratings' are not completely rigorous as sourced for this chart as well, though how exactly that would affect the numbers I don't know.
Jul 9, 2013 Big Harv commented on "SPD Officers Shoot Pit Bull After Dog Bites Man".
From the article: Two pit bulls, 1 mixed-breed dog, one Pomeranian.

I bet they shot the Pomeranian.
Apr 3, 2013 Big Harv commented on Surely Keystone Will Work Out Just Fine.
Actually, TransCanada has two proposed pipelines that have basically been canned in the last 10 years, each the size of Keystone XL or bigger. The Mackenzie Valley pipeline was canned due to natural gas prices and a giant regulatory mess-a mess that was so big even back in the 70s that a judge back then said 'Screw it, try again in 30 years'. The Alaska pipeline has mostly been a victim of gas prices and shale gas-too much supply in the continental US to support it.

There was also an interesting case in the States where a company wrongly claimed 'common carrier' status for a private, company-only pipeline; a judge canned that one.

I cannot remember the last time a pipeline got canned due to environmental concerns, although Enbridge is facing huge resistance to a proposed line to the BC coast right now.
Mar 11, 2013 Big Harv commented on The Myth of Female Autonomy.
So, he's a chiropractor? Weird.
Feb 27, 2013 Big Harv commented on In Which I Imagine Having a Sweet-Ass Rack.
Ah, you made the breast implant failure rate up like everything else! I was thinking 'That's an insane failure rate!'.
Feb 19, 2013 Big Harv commented on "Slow the Fuck Down" Bill Passes in the House.
An interesting study by Edmonton on their project dropping residential speed limits. It worked to reduce speeds, but only with enforcement and encouragement; the most effective method of slowing people down is actually narrowing roads and having cars parked on them:…
Feb 8, 2013 Big Harv commented on Gun Nuts with Badges.
The make and model were not the same at all, and as for tinting, @2, you can completely black out everything but the front side and front windshield (otherwise panel vans would be illegal).

Just for the record:

Hope the two ladies heal okay and they catch the real guy before anyone else gets shot.
Nov 13, 2012 Big Harv commented on What Cool People Like Me Were Watching On YouTube This Morning.
Same reaction here-which lead to some interesting and uplifting reading about Al Jolson on (where else) wikipedia. You'll feel better about it after reading it, I think.
Jun 18, 2012 Big Harv commented on SL Letter of the Day: Back In The Saddleback.
Anyone hungry after reading that?