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Jun 26, 2012 Geequeer commented on SL Letter of the Day: Suggested Reading.
Another thing you might do is to make sure that all the caterers/venues/etc. you use would not discriminate against gay couples. Ask them if they do gay committal ceremonies before hiring them and only accept companies that give an enthusiastic 'yes'.
Oct 12, 2010 Geequeer commented on SL Letter of the Day: You Don't Love Him.
@46 -- Turkey baster? In vitro fertilisation is expensive (where eggs are extracted, and fertilization takes place in a petri-dish), artificial insemination is not. You just need a means to transfer the sperm into the vagina.
Jul 2, 2010 Geequeer commented on SL Letter of the Day: More Advice for "Concerned Father".
Well, with rape fantasies, I have "heard" (don't have a link to the research) that they are quite common with teenage girls. A reason hypothesized would be that this displaces the action away from the girl herself, and she is without "blame" for the pleasure and desire, which many cultures in one way or another discourages for teenage girls. (More than for boys) In this version of the fantasy the rapist is most often a young, handsome man (only know about the straight version), rather than a nasty, old brute. So perhaps if one started out this way in sexual fantasy land, the fantasy persists into adulthood and hopefully continues to bring pleasure. Though, also hopefully, as an adult and empowered woman she does no longer has the same need of disavowing her desires.
Apr 7, 2010 Geequeer commented on Savage Love.
Snooping? Have you people every heard of passwords? And separate computer accounts if a computer is shared? With automatic screen locking in case of inactivity? Encrypted home directories? I guess not...

I know for sure my BF wont snoop on me, and I not on him. Or rather, it is exceedingly unlikely, and would require significant hacking efforts. We share everything -- except for data.
Jan 29, 2010 Geequeer commented on Gay Men, Monogamy and Joy Behar.
You have the luxury of being blase about guns and oil as long as someone else uses their guns to procure you oil. When Russia cuts off your natural gas perhaps you can burn your 'soft power' for heat.

What do you know about Russia, Gas, and Europe? If you have been reading US (and unfortunately much European) media on the subject, the answer is probably "not very much". First, Russia sells natural gas to Europe through pipelines. Pipelines are long term two party relationship, where both sides wield power. Sure, the producer could decide not to sell, but the buyer could equally decide not to buy. And whereas 40% of EU gas comes from Russia, 65% of Russian gas exports go to the EU. (…) The other two big ones are Ukrainia 25%, and Turkey 10%. Now, considering that Ukrania does not typically pay for its gas, at least not anywhere near market prices, one could loosely say that almost all Russian gas export income derives from EU markets. So, is the EU dependant on Russian gas? Well, yes, but to an even larger extent Russia is dependant on EU gas consumption. Russia does not have the option of selling gas elsewhere. The pipelines all go to the EU, building new ones are expensive and take a lot of time, likewise for LNG. On the topic of guns and oil and gas. Do you really seriously suggest that anyone should be playing hardball with military hardware with Russia? You do know that they are still sitting on the second largest store of nuclear weapons on our planet, right? Not to talk about the immorality of robbing others of their natural resources at gun point.

You are right, i would be very surprised to find that the traditional heterosexual family is not under threat and remains strong in Europe- in Sweden we hear it is nearly extinct.

Ah! But not due to gay marriage, it isn't. Equality has long been a social goal in Sweden. Equality is obviously not compatible with the 'traditional family', as the woman is no more pregnant and barefoot in the kitchen. Now days, parental leave laws allow both parents to stay home with small children. It is more economically favourable if the leave is shared equally between the parents. So we should see even more deviation from the 'traditional family', and good riddance to it, I say. You wont find many Swedes who would like to go back to the bad old days on this one.

The experience of the muslims shows the world that European liberals talk a much better show than they are willing to walk...

You do know that in Europe 'liberals' are right wing, right? On the left, we have actual socialists and communists. Occasionally we even vote for them. "C'est la lutte finale..."
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