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Trollytrolltroll is trolling.
Sep 17 Trollytrolltroll commented on America's Largest Police Union Endorses Donald Trump.
@19 thats what you morons dont seem to understand... no informed person ever calls the cops if they need help..
Sep 8 Trollytrolltroll commented on Seahawks Players May Protest the National Anthem.
At time like these we need Ron Smith to chime in. That Stuckey guy is a bore.
Aug 3 Trollytrolltroll commented on It Would Be Helpful If We Stopped Lying About How Much Hillary Clinton Lies.
how many innocent folks around the world is she responsible for killing?
Jul 28 Trollytrolltroll commented on Last Night at the DNC: Live-Slogging Hillary Clinton's Speech.
is hilary's pal kissinger gonna show up? may as well have a fellow war criminal join her on stage
Jul 27 Trollytrolltroll commented on Police Investigating Racial Threat to West Seattle Family.
This is why fascists need their heads stomped in.
Jul 25 Trollytrolltroll commented on Why are Democrats not Throwing Debbie Wasserman Schultz to the Wolves?.
democrats deserve this so much. enjoy 8 years of trump
Jul 22 Trollytrolltroll commented on Hillary Clinton Announces Running Mate.
Seems a no brainier that Trump wins in November.
Jul 12 Trollytrolltroll commented on Democratic Party Officially Favors Pot Legalization, Thanks to Bernie Sanders and His Movement.
All this talk of the platform are a joke. Historically, platforms aren't worth the paper they are written on.
Jul 5 Trollytrolltroll commented on FBI: Clinton "Extremely Careless" With Classified Material, But No Charges.
Intentionally trying to avoid FOIA laws should disqualify you from public office.