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Jun 19, 2014 I'm a stranger commented on The "First-Of-Its-Kind" College Tuition Program From Starbucks? Wal-Mart Did It Already.

To everyone who hasn't done the research and takes Ansel at face value: Fnarf @29 is correct. ASU is NOT a for-profit university, for Heaven's sake. Even the MSNBC article linked to says so. ASU partners with a company to manage their online version, yes, in the same way that many colleges now use Google for their mail services.

ASU is an accredited university with a decent reputation, as stated by the Starbucks College Plan FAQ and backed up by US News & World Report college rankings. It's not the University of Phoenix, which everyone seems to think. They both have Arizona in their name, that's all. Sheesh. Like Java and JavaScript.

Wal-mart's APE, on the other hand, IS a for-profit university, and they deserve our ridicule.

Everyone's so focused on Starbucks only allowing a single university, but hey, they don't have to offer _anything_. Their old program which gave a scholarship to any university was $1000 a year. Woo. Try to pay for a semester with that.

Here is a more nuanced, researched article, which addresses and includes the concerns mentioned elsewhere, but paints a fair picture of both sides:

Feb 6, 2014 I'm a stranger commented on Savage Love.
as someone who is in a 15+ year unmarried monogamous relationship, I resent the assumption by many of you commenters that choosing to not get married (or not liking the idea of marriage) is somehow a manifestation of fear of marrying. that is BS. personally I find it to be a discriminatory institution, and I don't need a piece of paper or legal contract entering into my relationship. this has nothing to do with fear or being scared.
Feb 27, 2013 I'm a stranger commented on In Which I Imagine Having a Sweet-Ass Rack.
A woman without boobs is scary. No one wants to make love to a stickfigure. I would rather date a big girl with boobs than a fit flatchested chick.
Feb 6, 2013 I'm a stranger commented on The Looming 401K Disaster.
Calpete is right on. That USA Today article does not address the irresponsibility of people who contribute to their 401k and makes claims like "young people will prioritize paying off student debt over contributing to retirement". That is likely true, but it doesn't mean you can't do both.
A pension was an income benefit, but people never looked at it that way because they didn't need to contribute to it. *That* experiment failed, so now we have 401k plans. Contribute as much money as you can, don't borrow against it, and you'll actually have money in your account at retirement.
Jan 25, 2013 I'm a stranger commented on Seattle Gun Buyback, This Saturday!.
Man, the gun nutters come out of the woodwork, don't they? There's no call for the typical paranoia B.S., yet...

I plan to bring in a rifle that once belonged to my grandfather. I don't need it. I don't want to worry about what might happen with it if I sell it. Years ago, I had another rifle stolen in a burglary. TRIGGER LOCKS AND/OR GUN SAFES SHOULD BE REQUIRED BY LAW, at all times that the weapon is not on your person.

Okay, now the nutters have a reason to be paranoid!

Dec 8, 2012 I'm a stranger commented on ‘50/50’.
Is there somewhere we can buy that sticker?
Oct 5, 2012 I'm a stranger commented on Tonight, Mitt Romney Will Write "Dad" on a Piece of Paper to Remind Himself of His Father.
Where in the "ritual" is taking a fairly stiff, blocky object out of his pocket and tossing it on the lectern? One so heavy, it bounces.... Maybe it's his lucky magic underwear.

On the other hand, in some shots the Object seems to have lines on it? Cliff Notes?
Sep 12, 2012 I'm a stranger commented on Putin Thanks Romney for Reminding Him That America Is Almost 50% Dumbass.
Notice that #1, #7, and #12 aren't actually answering the question themselves. That's most likely because they haven't got a clue and don't actually care anyway. If they were here for anything other than mere trolling, they would actually suggest an answer and invite honest discussion. As it is, they're just trying to bait people into paying them attention.
Jul 10, 2012 I'm a stranger commented on Man Disagrees with Woman's Kickstarter Campaign, Creates Game About Punching Her in the Face.
#91: Then get around to *proving* it, as was requested of you. Ms. Sarkeesian has a reputation in academic circles as a rigorous researcher. It's easy for you to say that she's just going to be confirming her own biases, but until you demonstrate otherwise, I'm going to bet that you have no basis for saying that.
Jul 9, 2012 I'm a stranger commented on Man Disagrees with Woman's Kickstarter Campaign, Creates Game About Punching Her in the Face.
#18: That has nothing to do with them being gamers. That has to do with them being people.