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Jan 13, 2016 bsweek commented on Why Cows Are Stupid.
As a young man I found myself in rural, eastern Oregon,in close proximity of livestock. I found a love of cows and a dislike of horses; mostly because both animals are stupid but at least cattle knew they were and stayed out of trouble where as horses, just as stupid but always getting into trouble because being doted on by their humans gave them an undesirable confidence.
Dec 23, 2015 bsweek commented on Why Americans Should Stop Buying Apple's Products.
We used to have very high corporate taxes here; the tax haven for large companies was R and D. Universities got fully funded departments to groom the next crop of students; the US was the worlds powerhouse of technology and envy of the world. Now we fether the masive and many nests of the 1% because we are all too short sighted to do anything else.
Aug 28, 2015 bsweek commented on At the Smoke Farm Symposium, Artist John Criscitello Talked About Tech Gentrification—and Some Tech Guys Talked Back.
i move to capitol hill in 1982, south cap hill and the central district neighborhoods were predominately african american; remnants of the neighborhood covenants that kept blacks, jews, filipino, chinese and japanese out of most of the nicer seattle neighborhoods and rooted in this part of town. being a liberal town, seattle- particularly cap hill became the center of the gay and lesbian community and a great many moved here from all over the country. their affluence, white privilege and access to capital began the first REAL gentrification of capitol hill in the '80's and 90's. one example is 'the cuff' which for many years until the late 80's was "oscar's", a popular black owned restaurant (amongst other things) was forced to move further east and then pressured to shut down all together by the affluent business community moving in (with help from the cops and the liquor board) . in other words gentrification had already happened along time ago for a great many long time seattle natives. my wife and i may have to go ourselves in this wave after all this time but it seems to me "what goes around comes around"
Jan 27, 2015 bsweek commented on Koch Brothers to Spend Nearly a Billion Dollars on the 2016 Elections.
This is what we get when the rich aren't properly taxed ..a lot!
Apr 6, 2014 bsweek commented on Seattle Times Endorses Slashing Metro Buses.
a REQUIREMENT of a first class city is A FIRST CLASS BUS & TRANSIT SYSTEM! Seattle (and it's greater region), no thanks to the right wing nut jobs of this state, has become a first class city. While the region grows, and the average freeway commute speed decreases, buses and other forms of transit need to grow. i think our transit system and it's management is one of the best in the country; just grossly underfunded.

No one expected the last jump in fuel cost; what if next year gas goes up to $6 per gallon due to unrest in the mid east, eastern Europe, Venezuela ..and we just de-funded metro?

Feb 5, 2014 bsweek commented on Should This Building Be Granted Landmark Status?.
Tear it down and call the new building "The Key Bank Luxury Condominiums"
Nov 15, 2013 bsweek commented on Get Schooled at Filipino Lunch Counter.
Sinigang: if your idea of seafood is Mc d's "fillet o fish", taco delmar fish burrito, ..or you didn't know that salmon had bones in it and skin on it, this ISN'T the dish for you!
Nov 15, 2013 bsweek commented on Get Schooled at Filipino Lunch Counter.
Some food is just smarter than the people eating it!
Oct 4, 2013 bsweek commented on Wendy Davis Is Running for Governor of Texas.
Where do I send $$$!!!
Aug 28, 2013 bsweek commented on Mediterranean Kitchen.
I always loved this place since their days on QA, glad to know they are back!