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Feb 2, 2010 alexpisi joined My Stranger Face
Feb 2, 2010 alexpisi reviewed The Parlor Billiards & Spirits.
After a day of shopping I went across the way to Lincoln square and saw the Parlor. My friends had gone there before and I felt like playing some pool. The greeter was very nice and although he asked me to check my hat, he gave me a tour of the entire place. It is pretty huge, and you can't tell! After that we got a pool table and the same greeter set up the balls for us. The server came up and let me know it was happy hour and we ordered one of everything. The food started coming out rather quickly. We had plenty to eat and drink and the tab was not very high, especially split between all of my group. At the end we were also invited back for a complimentary comedy show, and I think i'm going to take them up on it soon!

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