Oct 19, 2012 Chris84 commented on No Right to Remain Silent.
If you vandalize or know someone who has committed a crime, you're a subject to the law. The Courts have spoken. She will sweat it out in jail until she realizes that her accomplices are criminals and should be tried for their crimes against Seattle. Why do these idiotic vandals think that by breaking windows and destroying property will bring down the world economy of trade? You are only hurting your own community and putting fear into your neighbors. But this woman Plante will confess her crimes and those of her other criminal friends. Otherwise she is going to get very strong lifting those weights in jail..
Oct 19, 2012 Chris84 commented on Rob McKenna thinks you’re stupid. 
He thinks all voters in King County are stupid. 
How stupid? Stupid enough to vote for him..
I still find it surprising that no one has argued my previous statements. And NO, I'm not an alternate person writing here like #27 said. But anyway, does any ultra liberal want to argue the point that lowering taxes will allow companies to hire more people? lower taxes = more jobs = more tax revenue.
Oct 17, 2012 Chris84 commented on Rob McKenna thinks you’re stupid. 
He thinks all voters in King County are stupid. 
How stupid? Stupid enough to vote for him..
The way you described Congressman Inslee is that of some ultra Soviet bureaucrat who wants to keep Washington in it's mediocre status in employment and production. While McKenna does hold key Republican ideals such as lowering taxes for everyone and creating a competitive economy in Washington State. Lowering taxes for corporations allows them to hire more people. More people working = more tax revenue for the Government. Why do Liberals not understand that basic fact?

Also, Charter schools are an excellent idea! Why not build a system where schools need to compete for business? Aren't our children's future worth finding the best education available? Or do we want to continue with incredibly low graduation rates in some high schools?

Has King County forgotten that we live in a CAPITALIST country? Where competition drives the economy. Stagnation through government incentives and oversight only hinders the growth of jobs and businesses. Everything relies on the ability to have jobs so that our communities may thrive and our children can have a future.

Otherwise please move to Cuba, Iran, North Korea, China, or Vietnam where Socialism is embraced and everyone gets fair treatment...
Oct 17, 2012 Chris84 commented on Rural America and Urban Values.
I can't believe that you would diminish the rural culture and say that urban values outweigh those of the rural communities. If it wasn't for those 'rural' people, nothing would be grown and the shelves at your organic store would be empty. So we need to embrace all values of all Americans.
Feb 6, 2010 Chris84 commented on Interview with a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army Reserve about DADT.
Danindowntown, are you a sociology professor? Because you seem to be able to judge others so well... I love it how ignorant, close-minded, idiotic, tree-hugging liberals can never see past their own little world on capitol hill and msnbc. Anytime conservatives make a reasonable argument or comment, the immediate response is "you're a bigot", or "you're a dip shit".

Is everyone ignoring the facts I posted earlier regarding the cons of abolishing the "DADT" policy? Or is everyone so set on this "change"? And frankly our Allies in Europe might have different policies regarding homosexuals in their armed forces, but those are different countries. Those small armies do not compare to the sheer size of our military and we can not afford to just change policy from one day to another like they have.

And when you commented earlier regarding "it doesn't and shouldn't matter what one or two junior officers or one or two enlisted men think when our politicians are deciding to change military policy", it's those junior officers like myself that need to deal with these policy changes that come down from the politicians. So don't comment on shit you have no idea about and never will. Because you're comfortable in your capitol hill apartment, watching msnbc, and bitching that the world "owes" you something.
Feb 5, 2010 Chris84 commented on Interview with a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army Reserve about DADT.
@ Akbar, if you did serve in the military, i commend you for your patriotism. But my statements are not idiotic or ignorant. AGAIN, close minded liberals, like yourself, failed to see any of the facts I stated which explain why the DADT is a good policy.
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Feb 5, 2010 Chris84 commented on Interview with a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army Reserve about DADT.
OK people. Listen up. I'm tired of all you stuck-up western washington liberals who are so close-minded. The military is not in the business of pleasing the personel first. MISSION comes first and the needs of the country. Now is not the time to be changing policy when we are in the midst of a global war on terrorism with more than 4 theatre of operations. The "DADT" policy, put in place by your beloved President Clinton, stopped the ban on homosexuals in the military. He made it possible for homosexuals to be able to serve but not reveal their sexual orientation because: "it would create an unacceptable risk to the high standards of morale, good order and discipline, and unit cohesion that are the essence of military capability." THIS is exactly what is at risk. I have been in the battlefield with men and women (yes women), and that last thing we soldiers want to know is that someone has homosexual tendencies or thoughts. I spoke with another soldier today who told me she was constantly "hit" on by another female soldier during training. She was assigned a two person sleeping quarter. This is NOT acceptable!

For all of you people who are confused about the living conditions and rules, here is it. Men and Women in the military live SEPERATELY. Unless you are married, you must live on base in housing barracks. You are assigned with soldiers in your same unit, and same sex. This is to ensure that no environment for fraternization can grow. Fraternization is strictly regulated and almost forbidden. Now, if homosexuals are allowed to freely express their sexual orientation etc, then this can create another strain on the command and structure of units. NOW commanders will need to create other living quarters for homosexuals (male and female) to seperate them from heterosexuals in an effort to aviod further FRATERNIZATION. That is the whole point. So in an essense, by allowing homosexuals to serve, you are creating the possibility of further segregation of indivuduals within the military.

The military is not a place to find romance. It's a place to serve your country and to fight for those who can not. But human nature always gets in the way. Thats were regulations keep soldiers from harrasing each other, dicriminating each other, and so forth. Of course dumb soldiers will always break the rules and they are penalized. BUT these rules are in place for good reason. As a commander, I don't want to have to come up with living quarters for straight men, gay men, gay women, and straight women. Then come up with showers and bathrooms for the same. This will put a giant strain on resources and weaken our military.

Since most of you will disagree with me, it's because you haven't had the guts to join and serve your country.