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Feb 9, 2010 mark0polo joined My Stranger Face
Feb 9, 2010 mark0polo reviewed The Parlor Billiards & Spirits.
I went out on Sunday (Superbowl)and was walking around downtown Bellevue looking for a good place to watch the game. We saw a sign advertising the Parlor as the place to go so we gave it a chance. At first glance it looked like a nice pool hall, and although there were tvs at the bar and around the tables, it didn't seem like the place to watch the game. The host then told me that there was a drop down screen in the back so we went in. The place just keeps going and going, and we got around the corner and there it was. A lounge with seating all around an the drop down screen. They had great specials all night so we stayed there. After the game we even shot some pool and then a DJ came in. Needless to say that this was a long day of fun and drinking. The manager gave us a couple of complimentary tickets so we will come back and check it out on a Friday, and try out their comedy room as well.