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Nov 16 The Wild Sow commented on Savage Love.
About donating to Planned Parenthood -- anyone who's a federal employee like me might want to do it through the Combined Federal Campaign. I do that so my contribution comes directly out of my (taxpayer-funded) salary, no comingling funds with The Wild Boar's private university paycheck.

That way I can say, "Tax Dollars, Bitches! Tax! Dollars! Neener neener neener!"

I encourage my fellow civil servants to do likewise.
Oct 12 The Wild Sow commented on Savage Love.
@32 - Well, if he's actually looking for a woman without a past, he could go over to Dear Abby today and try to meet up with her LW2 (Prudence the Virgin)! No kids, and probably no tattoos, and nothing to compare him with! Of course, since she is *also* 64, he'd probably consider her "out of his age range." Eh, but then who cares about age, right, OLDER?

On 2nd thought, I think Prudence deserves better too. I kind of wish she'd written to Dan!
Oct 4 The Wild Sow commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: A Counterpoint to Last Week's Tweet Storm of Advice for Straight Men.
But if he's nice to *everybody* -- how do I know he's in love with MEEEEEE???!

Jun 23 The Wild Sow commented on Savage Love.
Edited to add: John, or "Johnny" was Butch's DAD. Really, no one EVER called Butch John. Friends occasionally called him Bubba or Tut (because he was a big husky bearded guy who looked like King Tut from Batman!) But if you said John we'd all be wondering "who?"
Jun 23 The Wild Sow commented on Savage Love.
@44 - I know several women named Raven, named that by their African-American (not Goth!) parents.
As for Princess Sparkles, I know 2 women (both elderly, both African-American) named Princess (no Sparkles.) Also a man (in his 60's) named Precious.

@60 - My first husband, whose legal name was John, was Butch all his life. I may possibly have called him "John" in our wedding vows (I honestly don't remember; quite a bit of alcohol on that day plus 40-some years have made my memories a little fuzzy!) But other than that, he was Butch until the day he died (and our daughter has it on his urn.) Funny, when our first great-grandson was born he was named for John, and we thought he'd be "Baby Butchie."

Nope; he's "Peanut."
Jun 23 The Wild Sow commented on I, Anonymous.
I have some news for Anon. Every single one of us (even me! even you!) have been someone's, at some time, masturbatory fantasy.
And since we MOSTLY do not know about it, it does us no harm whatsoever!
Apr 26 The Wild Sow commented on Savage Love.
@1 & @5 - Same here. Where does NOPENIS say that his hookup/friend is a guy friend or a girl friend? Did Dan severely edit this letter?
Feb 24 The Wild Sow commented on Savage Love.
@13 Maybe he is thinking about getting some meth as a way to be more awake without whatever side effects his anti-depressants were having

That was my first thought - he's not ON meth; he's wondering if he should try it & if it would help his depression. (Probably not!)
Dec 23, 2015 The Wild Sow commented on New Column!.
And what kinda idiot *seriously* objects to calling Christmas a "Holy Day"?!
Aug 4, 2015 The Wild Sow commented on Kevin Bacon Really Wants You to See His Wiener.
I seem to recall this scene from Hollow Man:…