Feb 11, 2016 ElaineS commented on Ted and Heidi Cruz Worship the God of Freedom, Individual Liberty, and Jew Hunting.
Er - correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this guy not only disgusting, but also factually wrong? Afaik converting didn't help jack squat since it was ethnicity, not faith, that got Jews sent into the KZs. Not that he's not a sad waste of perfectly good oxygen either way.
Nov 23, 2015 ElaineS commented on Here's What We Should Fight For Next: Buck-a-Day Bus Passes.
Dan actually undersold our public transport. Students only pay 60€ a year for their all-around ticket (the ride to school itself is free). I'd link, but it's in German (search for Top-Jugendticket if you still want to see proof). The 365€ ticket is the default version - many people pay less, like seniors for whom it's only 224€. And @18: the subway lines run 24 hours, the busses have time limits but there are night busses as well (just have to wait a bit longer for those).
Oct 23, 2014 ElaineS commented on Confused by the "GamerGate" Tweets Clogging Your Feed?.
@24: thank you for the link. That was an amazing read.
Mar 13, 2013 ElaineS commented on I, Anonymous.
Yeah right, because everyone who calls an obese person fatso or tells them just how easy it would be for them to simply lose those pounds does so out of sheer altruistic concern for their health. Right, asshole.
Feb 23, 2013 ElaineS commented on SL Letter of the Day: Do It, Sissy.
Um, Dan, I'm not sure how to put that in English, but tampons are ... asymmetrical. They are nice and round at the top, but not so much at the bottom, and once they get wet they become vaguely cone-shaped. This serves the fine purpose of them not sliding out of one's vagina, yet with a bit of pressure and/or string tugging they come out easily enough. I don't think that will be quite as easy with an anus. More like putting in a (slim) butt plug, but flared bottom and all, and then trying to get it out again. I guess that struggle could be part of the Mistress's plan but I'd really not advise putting a tampon back there.
Oct 9, 2012 ElaineS commented on Hello, I'm Calling to Argue for My Rights.
Beautiful piece, made me cry. Thank you.
Oct 2, 2012 ElaineS commented on NALTs Speak Up for Marriage Equality.
@12: That's actually the law round here. Only a marriage performed by a city clerk has legal standing of any kind, but you are free (and many pairs choose so) to have a Catholic wedding afterwards (customarily done on the same day, or shortly thereafter), or a Protestant one, or a Pagan ceremony or whatever. I was a bit surprised to learn the US handles that differently.
Sep 5, 2012 ElaineS commented on I, Anonymous.
Am I correct in assuming you want this guy to read your "confession"? And then you out yourself as a manipulative bitch of a "friend" that happily schemes to end a relationship for personal gain without a second thought? And to top it off, in describing the guy there isn't a single word that even hints at any love you feel for him, your listing of his "assets" make him sound more like a prize to be grabbed.

You'd better hope he does *not* realize who you are and that you're talking about him. Pardon me for rooting for him to do so, though, and to dodge a bullet.
Jun 30, 2012 ElaineS commented on That Was My Reaction Too.
Never mind the transcript, I just realized the text's on the YouTube page of the vid. Just fyi if anybody else got trouble understanding it.
Jun 30, 2012 ElaineS commented on That Was My Reaction Too.
As a fan of the Disney film, I *love* this as an affectionate parody, and the actress playing Belle has a stunningly beautiful voice.

But, ashamed as I'm to write this, is there a transcript of it somewhere? I'm one of them dirty foreigners and I didn't understand half of it, I'm afraid.